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Mayor Marjorie Sloan

Mayor Marjorie Sloan(303) 279-0088

I’m honored to serve as mayor of Golden, our small-town gem in the Denver metropolitan area. Golden is the home of more than eighteen thousand engaged and involved residents and the destination of hundreds of thousands of visitors. My goal is to maintain and enhance the Golden experience for all these folks.

We have a well-run city in a strong financial position. Our neighborhoods are nurturing and our downtown is so vibrant that we recently won the 2013 Colorado Urban Land Institute Impact Award. We have an award-winning parks and recreation department that provides great experiences for people of all ages. The Golden Police, Fire, and Public Works departments protect persons and their property. And volunteerism is a hallmark of Golden. Our residents pitch in to make sure that we have good government, excellent schools, service to those in need, and terrific community events.

The city’s very professional staff, citizen boards and commissions, city council, and I want to hear and benefit from your good ideas. Please stay in touch through emails to; phone calls to 303-279-0088; or through my Facebook page at Mayor Marjorie Sloan (where I regularly post community-news updates).  And if you’d like to meet in your neighborhood to demonstrate an idea, problem, or event, just call to set up a MIMBY (Mayor in My Back Yard) date.

Mayor Pro Tem Joe Behm

Joe BehmWard 2

(303) 918-1103

I think we can all agree that Golden is truly a remarkable community. Not only are we blessed with an abundance of resources and recreation right at our doorsteps, but we have unique and varied neighborhoods and a quintessential small-town downtown. Golden is fortunate to have a healthy economic base and a strong city management team that furthers the collective goals of our community. As residents, we are the beneficiaries of the prudent and well thought out plans and policies of past city councils.  As Ward 2 Councilor, I would like to continue the tradition that past leadership demonstrated and deliver to all Goldenites a commitment to excellence.

I have had the pleasure to serve on City Council for the past six years and prior to that, on the Golden Urban Renewal Authority board and the Golden Economic Development Commission. My experience tells me that we have built upon the strong foundations of the past and continue to improve the City of Golden, for all to enjoy. They often say that Wayne Gretzky was The Great One because he “skated to where the puck was going to be.” I believe the decisions we are making today as a City Council will prepare us better for the future, and we too are skating to where the puck is going to be.

As a resident since 1994, I am proud to make my home and raise my family in Golden.

Councilor Saoirse Charis-Graves

Saoirse Charis-GravesDistrict 1

(303) 709-7529

In my childhood, community and connection mattered. Honesty, hard work, and living daily life according to your values mattered. Giving back, making a difference, caring for your neighbor — this is what I learned in the small town where I was born.

Today, I live, work and play in Golden, a small town I’ve come to love deeply. With your support, I now have the opportunity to protect what I love and to help our city remain the unique, vibrant place in which we all love to live.

As I walked in neighborhoods and knocked on doors, citizens of Golden told me that preserving the small town feel and character of our city is top priority. They also appreciate and enjoy the many amenities that make Golden resource-rich for an active, engaged community. It was clear that the people of Golden care about staying connected to one another in their neighborhoods and appreciate the efforts of city staff to support them and communicate with them.

Communication will be a focus for me, both with citizens and with staff. I’ll be looking for opportunities to talk with the people of Golden as they live, work and play. I want to keep folks informed just as I want to hear about priorities and concerns. I’ll continue to meet with and learn about the work of our city staff.

Taking the oath of office to serve the people and the city of Golden was an emotional moment for me. It is my deep honor to represent our citizens and our city.

Councilor Casey Brown

Casey BrownDistrict 2

(303) 900-2003

For nearly a decade, I have served our community on many boards, commissions, and civic groups, including the Golden Planning Commission, Campaign Election Board, and Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. In doing so, I have worked to preserve and enhance what makes Golden great—its historic character, unique neighborhoods, strong public schools, and engaged citizens actively participating in the strategic direction of the town we cherish. Now I look forward to bringing my experience and vision to help manage this time of transition by representing you on Golden City Council.

My wife, Gina, and I have been privileged to live in Golden for the past 11 years with our two sons who attend our neighborhood schools here in Golden. Through my volunteer experiences with the City, I have had the opportunity to traverse every neighborhood and gain an appreciation of the unique challenges facing each different corner of our town. As I walked door-to-door throughout District 2, I have enjoyed getting to meet with friends and neighbors both old and new. Moreover, I am constantly impressed by the many extraordinary people who call Golden their home and what we can accomplish when we work together.

Councilor Marcia Claxton

Marcia ClaxtonWard 1

(303) 621-5133

It is a privilege to serve Ward 1, which comprises the high school, Southridge, Golden Hills/Hts., Golden Terrace Village neighborhoods, the Corporate Center, and retail, restaurants, and other businesses along South Golden Rd., and West Colfax Ave. The largest and most diverse ward, it is challenging to represent, but also, has the most opportunity for change and improvement.

The arrival of light rail in 2013 opened up the area near the new station for apartments, as well as for healthcare and other businesses. A pedestrian bridge was constructed across 6th Ave. to link the Jefferson County Government Center and station to the new development, nearby neighborhoods and businesses. The popular Green Bus started up to shuttle people to and from the station and around Golden.

In keeping with GoldenVision 2030 values and neighborhood plans, efforts continue to increase transportation options for South Golden residents, with special attention to increasing pedestrian/biker safety, convenience and connectivity.  In an area already including the award winning Fossil Trace Golf Course and Splash Aquatic Park, additional open space has been acquired to provide more places for recreation and relaxation.

As always, I welcome and look forward to hearing from you with your suggestions and ideas.

Councilor Pamela Gould

Ward 3

Pamela Gould(303) 279-1164

I feel grateful for the opportunity to serve Golden on city council. Our town is an amazing place! It’s beautiful, close to both the mountains and the conveniences of urban life, and—best of all—Golden still has the friendly feeling of being a small town. I feel very lucky to live here and to raise my family here. On city council, I represent Ward 3, which includes the northeastern portion of Golden, along South and North Table Mountains, and part of downtown.

My goal as a city councilor is to make sure we preserve and protect all that we love about our city, while charting a smart course into the future. I believe this can be best accomplished through on going input from the community and by utilizing neighborhood plans & Vision 2030 in government decision-making. As a councilor, my priorities include working toward achieving our established community sustainability goals and enhancing the health and well being our citizens. I will also focus on supporting job growth and local business success, and using the Blue Ribbon Panels’ findings to plan for the City of Golden’s future financial health.

I can do a better job as a councilor when I get insightful input from community members. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts, ideas or opinions, so please contact me. You can reach me by phone or email, as listed above, or you can visit my website at to find out when and where my next Ward 3 coffee meeting will be.

Councilor Laura Weinberg

Laura WeinbergWard 4

(303) 241-9823

I am proud to serve as our City Councilor for Ward 4 – a diverse, historic and wonderful collection of neighborhoods, downtown and the School of Mines. When my husband and I moved here to raise our family, the remarkable community of Golden embraced us. People love Golden for many reasons and have diverse viewpoints and excellent ideas about the current and future direction of our town. I want to be a positive voice in our community and work collaboratively with all concerned parties.

Golden is in an enviable position with a strong infrastructure, healthy economic base, diverse recreation opportunities, dedicated city staff, and engaged community members. I urge all citizens to consider getting more involved with our city through any number of committees, boards and nonprofit organizations. The knowledge and connections you make will enrich your life in Golden. My priorities on Council are to continue to make government transparent and accessible, maintain our careful budgeting, and enhance our way of life.

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas or contact me with any questions or concerns.

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 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
a gold prospector who arrived in Jefferson County in 1858.

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