Codes, Policies & Procedures

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  • The Building Inspections Division administers and enforces Golden’s Building Code, which provides minimum standards to control the design, construction, quality of materials, use, occupancy, location, and maintenance of all buildings and structures.

    City of Golden Codes

    • 2012 International Building Code
    • 2012 International Energy Conservation Code
    • 2012 International Fire Code
    • 2012 International Fuel Gas Code
    • 2012 International Existing Buildings Code
    • 2012 International Mechanical Code
    • 2012 International Plumbing Code
    • 2012 International Residential Code
      (Including Appendix Chapter F dealing with radon control for new single family dwellings)
    • 2008 National Electrical Code
    Policies & Procedures

    “After the Fact” Permits pdf icon
    How shall After the Fact Permits be handled?

    Building Permit Fees pdf icon
    What are the current Building Permit fees?

    Building Permit Valuation pdf icon
    How are Building Permit Valuations determined?

    Building Use Tax Handout pdf icon
    You may present a copy of your building permit when purchasing construction materials so that City sales tax will not be charged at the time of purchase.

    Certificates of Occupancy and Temporary Certificates of Occupancy pdf icon
    When and under what circumstances will a TCO be issued or will a CO be required?

    Changes Of Use Or Character pdf icon
    Under what guidelines shall allowances for changes of use or character be permitted as allowed by the International Building Code (modifications, alternate materials, alternate design and methods of construction, and Changes of Use)?

    Collection of Plan Review Fees pdf icon
    At what time during the permit application process are Plan Review fees to be collected?

    Creation of Dwelling Unit pdf icon
    What criteria should be used in determining when a new and separate dwelling unit has been created?

    Demolition/Renovation Fact Sheet pdf icon
    What the State requires prior to any demolition or renovation in any public or commercial building.  Also visit the EPA website regarding Lead-Safe Certification Program.

    Design Professional Required pdf icon
    When shall an Architect or Engineer, registered in the State of Colorado, be required to prepare and affix his/her seal and signature to the plans and specifications as part of a permit application?

    Egress Windows and Window Wells pdf icon
    When a basement finish permit is applied for, in what was a previously approved finished or unfinished basement area, questions arise as to when emergency escape and rescue windows will be required.

    Engineered Foundations And Soils Reports pdf icon
    When, by whom, and under what conditions shall a foundation soil investigation, an engineered foundation design, and a soils engineering report be required?

    Expiration of Building Permits for Abandonment of Work pdf icon
    When shall a legally issued Building Permit expire and become Null and Void due to abandonment?

    Expiration of Building Permits for Failure to Commence Work pdf icon
    What shall constitute commencement of work and when shall a legally issued Building Permit expire and become Null and Void due to a failure to commence work?

    Foundation Only Permits pdf icon
    Should the building division continue its current policy of issuing “Foundation Only” Permits?

    Grease Traps And Grease Interceptors pdf icon
    When are grease interceptors and grease traps required to provide pre-treatment of waste discharged from fixtures and appliances capable of discharging grease in commercial food service or processing establishments?

    Guardrails Required For Walking Surfaces Adjacent To Window Wells, Retaining Walls, And Parking Areas, Etc. pdf icon
    There is confusion as to when the International Building Code requires a guardrail, or equivalent protection, for window wells. There is also confusion as to when guardrails may be required on constructed walking surfaces detached or removed from a building such as, but not limited to, sidewalks and parking areas.

    Historic Buildings pdf icon
    Under what guidelines shall allowances for Historic Buildings be permitted as allowed by the International Building Code (Additions, Alterations or Repairs)?

    Inspections pdf icon
    Once a permit has been issued, it is the responsibility of the construction contractor or homeowner to ensure the building is ready for inspection on the day the inspection is requested.

    Inspections of Water and Sewer Lines on Private Property pdf icon
    The Building Division shall be responsible for the permitting, inspection, and approval of all water and sewer service lines on private property.

    Over the Counter Permits pdf icon
    Frequently minor permit applications are submitted which are not necessarily required to undergo a full plan review process.

    Permit And Inspection Requirements For Structural Elements Not Specifically Regulated By The Building Code pdf icon
    When shall building permits and inspections be required for systems which meet the definitions of “structure” but for which specific elements, in themselves, are not regulated by the building codes or are exempted from building permits?

    Permit Requirements for Elevators pdf icon
    Questions have arisen as to when permits and inspections are required for modifications, upgrades, or replacement of equipment which is part of an existing installation.

    Plan Review Turn Around Time pdf icon
    What is an appropriate span of time that can be reasonably expected for the City to perform accurate and complete plan reviews?

    Re-Inspect Fees pdf icon
    When and under what circumstances is it appropriate for the building inspector to assess a re-inspection Fee?

    Required Permits Guide  pdf icon
    Examples of projects that require permits and those that do not.

    Roofing And Re-Roof Covering Requirements pdf icon
    This is a summary of City of Golden roofing requirements.