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Golden Informer May 2016Check out The Golden Informer, our own monthly community newsletter. The goal of the Informer is to provide information to Golden residents and businesses about what is going on in City government and the community at large.

The Informer is published by the City to help you understand what direction your elected officials are providing to City staff and the status of City projects funded by public money. We also hope to give you enlightening information about day to day operations of the City, inform you about fun upcoming events, give tips and remind you of classes and activities at our local recreational facilities.

If you live inside Golden city limits (which is different than having a Golden mailing address in unincorporated Jefferson County — check the Jefferson County Address Wizard if you’re unsure), you will automatically receive a copy of the Informer in your mailbox around the first of each month. If you live outside the City limits but are interested obtaining a copy, you can pick one up at City Hall, 911 10th St., or download a pdf of the current issue to the right, or an earlier issue below.

Current and past editions since 2010 are available for download below. To view issues dating back to 2006, you can download them from the Document Center.

For any further questions or article ideas, contact Karlyn Tilley by email or call 303-384-8132.

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 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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