Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket
The Golden Ticket program encourages people to buy local with a chance to save up to 20% off purchases with participating merchants, or even win $500! For more information on stores participating in the program, check out the Visit Golden Website.

  • How do you get businesses to join the Golden Ticket program?
    The City’s “Golden Greeter” walks door-to-door and talks with merchants about the success of the program, and they then agree to join and be listed on the website and in printed materials.
  • Do you reimburse businesses for the tickets they redeem?
    Yes, we do reimburse the merchants for the cash prizes only – not for the discounts. Each month, our Golden Greeter walks around and collects the scratched tickets from merchants. The participating Golden merchants are reimbursed by the City each month.
  • Who pays out the $500 winners?
    The $500 winner is directed to the Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center for pay-out, and then the City reimburses the Chamber.  For 2011, we printed over 100,000 Golden Tickets. Some tickets offer discounts ranging from 5-20%, which the merchant rings into the sale.  Then, some of Golden Tickets offer a winning cash prize amount.
  • Is a $500.00 winning ticket just like the others and when a ticket is scratched, do the winners receive the $500.00 on the spot?
    Yes, all the Golden Tickets look the same.  See answer above for payout.
  • Where do you distribute the Golden Ticket?
    Golden Tickets are distributed by the Coors Brewery tour guides at the completion of their bus tour back to the main visitor’s parking lot. Golden Tickets are also distributed at City of Golden and Golden Chamber of Commerce events throughout the year.
  • Who pays for the signage in the merchant windows?
    “Golden Tickets accepted here” signage is paid by contributions from the City of Golden and GURA (Golden Urban Renewal Authority).
  • How long has the Golden Ticket program been around?
    The Golden Ticket program began in 2006 and has grown every year since.
  • Who started the Golden Ticket?
    The City’s community marketing program began this promotion.
  • What is the percentage of Golden Tickets that are redeemed?
    For 2010, the percentage of redeemed tickets is about 15% of the total printing.
  • Do the Golden Tickets expire?
    There is an expiration date on the tickets; however, merchants usually accept Golden Tickets to create a loyal customer.
  • Besides local restaurants and pubs, where can I use my Golden Ticket?
    For a complete list, please see our website listed below. On that website, you will find lodging, shopping and cultural attractions listed
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 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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