Community Betterment Neighborhood Grants

City Council reevaluated the city’s grant process in 2015. For 2016, funds have been earmarked for neighborhood block party first time assistance grants. These grants are for no more than $250 for a first time grant.

Grants of less than $750 for citizen initiated neighborhood improvement projects will also be considered.

Both grants will be reviewed by the City Manager prior to approval

Grants should support the Golden Vision 2030 neighborhood values, and take into consideration Golden’s sustainability goals. Golden businesses should be used for professional services and materials.

For assistance, contact City Clerk Susan Brooks at 303-384-8014 or Word copies of the applications are available for download below.

Basic Criteria for Neighborhood Block Party Assistance Grants

  • First time applicants are the priority.
  • Can apply anytime during the year until funds for that year are expended.
  • Provide a follow up evaluation, including photographs of event, detailing how the block party helped strengthen the neighborhood, how many people were impacted, and any new ways neighbors worked to create a healthier neighborhood.
  • To be reimbursed, purchases MUST be made in the City of Golden.
  • Permit fees and Alcohol will NOT be reimbursed.

Neighborhood Block Party Assistance Grants

Basic Criteria for Citizen Initiated Neighborhood Improvement Projects

  • The project should provide a public benefit and be free and open to all members of the public
  • Emphasize self-help, with project ideas initiated, planned and implemented by the neighbors and community members who will themselves be impacted by the project
  • Occur within the Golden city limits

Neighborhood Improvement Project Grant

What is not funded

Grants must be approved prior to expenditures being made. Funds will not be given to individual persons, individual businesses, religious organizations, government agencies, political groups, universities or newspapers.

Funds cannot be used for: 

  • Duplication of an existing public or private program.
  • Support ongoing programs or services.
  • Replace funding lost from other funding sources.
  • Pay for an organization’s operating expenses not directly related to the awarded project.
  • Purchase land or buildings.
  • Pay for out of City travel expenses, or any lodging/hotel expenses.
  • Private transportation expenses including mileage, gas insurance, car rentals, etc.
  • Pay for expenditures or financial commitments made before the organization is under contract with the city, alcoholic beverages.
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Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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