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2017 Sustainability Award Winners Recognized

2017 Sustainability Award TrophiesThe City of Golden Sustainability Department is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Sustainability Awards program. In its ninth year, the awards program continues to recognize community members who are leading the way to a more sustainable future. The awards honor and publicize residents, community groups and nonprofits who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the City’s sustainability goals. The Golden City Council recognized this year’s winners at the April 14 City Council meeting. Among the awardees are students from Golden High School, the Colorado Environmental Film Festival and a local author.

This year’s student Sustainability Award goes to the Golden High School Environment Club for their creation of the school’s first-ever compost program. The new program was made possible through a partnership between the High School, the City, and Alpine Waste. The initial efforts will handle cafeteria waste and include stations in five classrooms. The group also held an Earth Day Fest on April 22 that featured a cleanup event, speakers, and a variety of sustainability booths. The City of Golden applauds the hard working students led by Emmy Adams, as well as their dedicated staff member, Mr. Mendoza, for bringing students together and working on important topics and values.

The Colorado Environmental Film Festival receives the community group Sustainability Award for their zero waste efforts at this year’s film festival and their ongoing commitment to sustainability education. The Film Festival strives to highlight films that leave people feeling that they can be a part of the solution to environmental problems. Their goal is to model sustainability in all areas of the film festival, including reducing waste and providing recycling at screenings and events.

Mr. David Wann, an internationally recognized author, receives the individual Sustainability Award for his work on publications, films and speeches that address sustainable lifestyles and designs. Wann was also recognized for his efforts in co-designing the local co-housing neighborhood, Harmony Village.

The City Golden encourages the community to show support for these local associations and students for being on the cutting edge of sustainability efforts in Golden. For photos and more information on the award recipients, visit www.cityofgolden.net/SustainabilityAwards.

Keep cool this summer with Xcel Energy cooling rebates

Keep cool while keeping money in your pocket this summer. Xcel Energy offers substantial rebates on evaporative coolers, ductless mini-split heat pumps, and high efficiency central air conditioners to help offset the cost of purchase to its residential electric customers. Make sure it’s installed properly to ensure the highest efficiency possible. Many contractors help with rebate paperwork, too. Here’s more about each of the systems and corresponding rebates:

Evaporative coolers
Evaporative coolers use up to 75% less energy than traditional air conditioners. Rebates range from $200 to $1200. Often called “swamp” coolers, evaporative coolers are often installed on rooftops.  A fan blows air through a water-soaked pad that cools the air in a home. You open the windows to let the hot air out, and keep the cooled air flowing through the home.  This technology is particularly well-suited to our dry Colorado climate.

Ductless mini-split heat pumps
These are a newer technology that often cool and heat an area that is hard to reach with traditional ducts, or may be ideal for a new addition.  The rebate from Xcel Energy is $200.

Central air conditioners (or air source heat pumps)
According to the Department of Energy, about 60% of AC’s are oversized, which causes systems to start up and shut down often, and use more energy, than if a system is right-sized.

New systems have rebates ranging from $100 to $1,150. Customers must use a contractor who is on the list of participating AC contractors in order to receive a rebate. http://www.xcelenergy.com/COtrades Learn more and get started at www.xcelenergy.com/homerebates.

Golden Bike Library Now Open!

Golden Bike Library ShedThe Golden Bike Library is now open for its second season. The program runs through October and provides adult and children’s bikes through a check-out system at the Golden Visitor’s Center, 1010 Washington Ave. between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays. The first two hours are free; those looking to rent for longer periods pay just $10 per day and may utilize a convenient key-drop box to return bikes after hours. For more information, visit www.GoldenBikeLibrary.com.

Mow Down Pollution – Lawnmower Exchange Program

Program Overview
Gas powered lawn mowers and lawn equipment contribute nearly 10% of the Denver metro area’s ozone pre-cursor emissions. The Mow Down Pollution lawn mower exchange program helps area residents get rid of old gasoline powered mowers, and switch to environmentally friendly electric mowers.
How it Works
Participants register at mowdownpollution.org, for one of the three events happening in the Denver metro area. Two models of discounted Black+Decker electric mowers are available, and pricing is determined from a combination of chosen model, sales tax, and trade in.
Participants with old gasoline mowers to recycle will receive additional discounts on their new electric mower. Please note, all gasoline mowers to be traded in must have the liquids drained prior to arrival at the event. no mowers will be accepted with oil or gas in them
Events take place on Saturdays, from about 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the parking lots of the Budweiser Event Center on 4/29/17, Dicks Sporting Goods Park on 5/6/17, and Eco-Cycle’s CHaRM facility on 6/3/17. Participants arrive at the event at a pre-determined time (chosen during registration) and never have to leave their vehicles! If they bring an old mower, it is carried from their vehicle and the new mower is loaded up. Participants can also purchase electric lawn equipment (trimmers/edger’s/blowers). The new electric lawn and garden accessories will ship directly to the customer, and not be available for same day pickup.
For any additional questions, contact Kaylyn Bopp (kbopp@raqc.org) 303.629.5450×290

AquaHawk Alerting Helps City of Golden Water Customers Track Usage

How much water am I using?The City of Golden encourages water customers who have received a new water meter to sign up for AquaHawk Alerting, a free web-based service that enables customers to more efficiently manage their water usage and lower their water bills. The online tool helps customers wade through any confusion on their water usage and helps track past and present usage of water.

Customers can sign up to receive alerts about leaks or out of the ordinary usage. Alerts can be received via text message, e-mail, or phone call. AquaHawk is an extension of the city’s automated metering system, aimed at helping customers understand their water usage and billing. Customers are able to see their usage in convenient customizable graphs to understand their water habits. It can help budget by setting a monetary or water gallon goal.

A few recent AquaHawk customer comments include:

“We are thrilled to be able to see our daily water use! It’s so convenient be able to login anytime, see an estimate of what we’ve already spent, and view a projected bill amount.”

“I felt more comfortable leaving town, knowing that AquaHawk would alert me if there was a leak.” “I can finally see real time information about how much water my irrigation system is really using.”

“I’ve been working to conserve water in our household. It’s very satisfying making a change and then being able to go on AquaHawk the next day and see how much you saved”

The City of Golden water meter replacement project began in late March and will continue for several months until completed. The new meter reading system allows water meters to be read hourly down to a single gallon of water. Approximately 1500 meters have been replaced to date.

Visit the Water Usage Monitoring page for more information.

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Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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