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2017 Curbside Appliance Pick-Up Program

The City of Golden now offers curbside appliance recycling to all single family and townhomes in Golden.

Acceptable appliances are limited to: washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, undercounter appliances such as ice makers, and freezers. Items not listed here are not allowed and will not be picked up.

Appliances should be set out in a driveway or in front or side areas of the yard not impeded by a fence or gate. Please do not place items in the street or sidewalk.

Each appliance must be clearly labeled, “for CITY OF GOLDEN RECYCLING”.

Please call (303) 953-5800 and leave your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, AND TYPE OF APPLIANCE FOR PICKUP.

Pickup is the following TUESDAY. Please place the item out by 8 a.m.

Colorado Bike to Work Day is June 28

2017 Bike to Work DayLeave your keys at home and don’t spend a cent to fill up the gas tank. Wednesday, June 28 is Colorado Bike to Work Day and local residents are encouraged to bike or walk to work.

The City of Golden is supporting the statewide event by rewarding residents who choose to use bicycling or walking to travel to their workplace. Visit the City of Golden Bike to Work Day station at 10th & Washington in front of the Visitor’s Center from 6:30 to 9 a.m. to enjoy food, refreshments and giveaways.

Don’t have a bike? Reserve one through the Golden Bike Library website at goldenbikelibrary.com, or pick one up that day by visiting the Bike Library building behind the Visitor’s Center. For information on additional Bike to Work stations, events, group rides and routes, visit biketoworkday.us.

Stay Green, Save Blue with a Free Sprinkler Inspection!

sprinkler inspectionsAre you struggling to wrap your head around that hefty summer water bill? The City of Golden and the Center for ReSource Conservation can help with a free irrigation inspection. We’ll run a few tests to check your sprinklers’ efficiency and diagnose any problems your system might have. At the end you’ll receive a customized watering schedule designed to reduce water usage and keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all summer long!

Inspections last about 90 minutes, but could help you save thousands of gallons of water each year. It’s easy to sign up and get long-lasting and money-saving results! Simply call (303) 999-3824 or sign up at conservationcenter.org/sprinkler to schedule.

What the 90-Minute Inspection Includes:

  • A visual inspection to check for problems that
    waste your water
  • Minor adjustments to sprinkler heads
  • Efficiency tests to see how much and how evenly
    your sprinklers are watering
  • A customized watering schedule that could help
    save 5,000 gallons of water per year

Benefits Include:

  • Save money on your water bill!
  • Gain practical, easy, do-it-yourself sprinkler
    maintenance skills
  • Help make your neighborhood a model of beautiful,
    water-wise landscapes
  • Do your part to conserve Colorado’s water!

Keep cool this summer with Xcel Energy cooling rebates

Keep cool while keeping money in your pocket this summer. Xcel Energy offers substantial rebates on evaporative coolers, ductless mini-split heat pumps, and high efficiency central air conditioners to help offset the cost of purchase to its residential electric customers. Make sure it’s installed properly to ensure the highest efficiency possible. Many contractors help with rebate paperwork, too. Here’s more about each of the systems and corresponding rebates:

Evaporative coolers
Evaporative coolers use up to 75% less energy than traditional air conditioners. Rebates range from $200 to $1200. Often called “swamp” coolers, evaporative coolers are often installed on rooftops.  A fan blows air through a water-soaked pad that cools the air in a home. You open the windows to let the hot air out, and keep the cooled air flowing through the home.  This technology is particularly well-suited to our dry Colorado climate.

Ductless mini-split heat pumps
These are a newer technology that often cool and heat an area that is hard to reach with traditional ducts, or may be ideal for a new addition.  The rebate from Xcel Energy is $200.

Central air conditioners (or air source heat pumps)
According to the Department of Energy, about 60% of AC’s are oversized, which causes systems to start up and shut down often, and use more energy, than if a system is right-sized.

New systems have rebates ranging from $100 to $1,150. Customers must use a contractor who is on the list of participating AC contractors in order to receive a rebate. http://www.xcelenergy.com/COtrades Learn more and get started at www.xcelenergy.com/homerebates.

Golden Bike Library Now Open!

Golden Bike Library ShedThe Golden Bike Library is now open for its second season. The program runs through October and provides adult and children’s bikes through a check-out system at the Golden Visitor’s Center, 1010 Washington Ave. between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays. The first two hours are free; those looking to rent for longer periods pay just $10 per day and may utilize a convenient key-drop box to return bikes after hours. For more information, visit www.GoldenBikeLibrary.com.


AquaHawk Alerting Helps City of Golden Water Customers Track Usage

How much water am I using?The City of Golden encourages water customers who have received a new water meter to sign up for AquaHawk Alerting, a free web-based service that enables customers to more efficiently manage their water usage and lower their water bills. The online tool helps customers wade through any confusion on their water usage and helps track past and present usage of water.

Customers can sign up to receive alerts about leaks or out of the ordinary usage. Alerts can be received via text message, e-mail, or phone call. AquaHawk is an extension of the city’s automated metering system, aimed at helping customers understand their water usage and billing. Customers are able to see their usage in convenient customizable graphs to understand their water habits. It can help budget by setting a monetary or water gallon goal.

A few recent AquaHawk customer comments include:

“We are thrilled to be able to see our daily water use! It’s so convenient be able to login anytime, see an estimate of what we’ve already spent, and view a projected bill amount.”

“I felt more comfortable leaving town, knowing that AquaHawk would alert me if there was a leak.” “I can finally see real time information about how much water my irrigation system is really using.”

“I’ve been working to conserve water in our household. It’s very satisfying making a change and then being able to go on AquaHawk the next day and see how much you saved”

The City of Golden water meter replacement project began in late March and will continue for several months until completed. The new meter reading system allows water meters to be read hourly down to a single gallon of water. Approximately 1500 meters have been replaced to date.

Visit the Water Usage Monitoring page for more information.

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