Mine shaft rescueAt around 10:20 a.m. Golden Fire and Police were dispatched to the hogback above the Rooney Road Sports Complex in Golden. The caller said his friend had fallen into an old mine shaft. The patient was not visible from the top so crews only had verbal communication with him as they worked on setting up a technical rope rescue.

An elaborate pulley system had to be put into place in order to reach the patient and get him out safely. There were more than 30 rescue crew members working together. A big thank you to the crews of Golden Fire, Golden Police, West Metro Fire, AMR Ambulance, Jefferson County Open Space, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and Alpine Rescue.

The teenage boys decided to try to go into the shaft but were ill equipped to do so safely. They had no helmets or safety gear and they were using a nylon rope that is not meant for any sort of climbing. As they were lowering the 15-year old into the shaft, the rope snapped and he fell, injuring his leg. Fortunately, the teen was brought out safely and transported to a local hospital with relatively minor injuries. Golden Fire would like to remind people that collapsed mine shafts are extremely dangerous. No one should attempt to enter them but instead they should be reported to the authorities. Additionally, proper safety gear must always be used to help ensure safety when doing any sort of climbing or spelunking.