Monday’s murder of ten people, including the taking of Officer Talley’s life, has caused so much pain for us all. There are simply no words available to me to express the depth of my sadness and anger over the loss of these lives. I can’t begin to fathom the unimaginable sorrow, grief, pain and suffering that the families are experiencing and will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

I did not know Officer Talley. But what I do know about him is that he was willing to give his life to protect the lives of others. There is no doubt that in confronting the shooter he saved lives. He is a hero and his actions are ones which I will never forget for as long as I live. I am forever proud of him.

And I am proud of our fine Golden officers. In the giving of his life, Officer Talley exemplifies what is best in each and every one of you as police officers. Every day you come to work unknowing what the future holds but fully understanding that it could be your last. And yet you continue to show up and give your all to make this community safe.

In the midst of this sadness I have never been more honored to be part of this profession of police officer and to be associated with all of you. You are exceptional human beings.

I want to thank Sgt. Salentine and Officers Brown, Gurule, Henslee, Jones and Pike for their rapid response to assist Boulder P.D. when the call for help went out. Just one of so many examples that I have seen over the years of officers’ unflinching willingness to put themselves in harm’s way.



If you would like to show your support for victims, their families and the Boulder community, here are some organizations currently accepting monetary donations:

Help is available

If you or someone you knows needs to talk following the horrific events of Monday’s mass shooting, resources are available. Visit Colorado Crisis Services to get connected with the help you need. No one should suffer alone.