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Thanks to the positive feedback from the 2020 temporary outdoor business expansion program, the parking lane portion of this program is now a permanent seasonal addition to downtown Golden. The City Council voted to allow for permitted use of the parking lane in downtown from April 1-October 31 for adjacent storefronts. It gives businesses the opportunity to apply for a permit to use the space for expanded outdoor dining and shopping. Businesses may apply to use the parking lane in front of their storefront until March 22, 2021.

Another big change to the downtown sidewalk seating and display permits will streamline the approval process for businesses. Previously, only the City Council could approve these expansions.  Now, unless a permanent structure like an awning is being installed, these permits are now being reviewed administratively by staff and can be renewed with the same application each year.

The temporary expansion program is still in place for expansions that took place in parking lots, patios, and other private property in downtown and throughout Golden and permit holders may continue to operate in that manner.

We encourage you to shop locally and support our retail and restaurant establishments, while also practicing good social distancing and safety measures. To see who’s open, visit www.visitgolden.com. The City supports businesses who choose to require masks, and crowd sizes will be closely monitored throughout this trial.

Downtown Golden with lanes blocked off by orange cones
Seasonal outdoor expansion permit meeting with downtown businesses – March 3, 2021

Information for Businesses Wishing to Participate

If you own a business in downtown Golden and are interested in expanding your business outdoors for more dining and shopping space, you’ll need to apply for a permit. Below is a document with guidelines for applying for the expansion opportunity, as well as a link to the permit application. We have also included a link for signage that you may print and use in your business to require customers to wear face coverings.

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