The Golden Fire Department rescinded Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in the City of Golden on September 22. Fire restrictions are currently lifted throughout Jefferson County as well.

Private recreational fires are allowed without a permit provided that the following guidelines are met:

  • The fire must be contained by a stone or metal ring no greater than three feet in diameter with the flames no larger than two feet high;
  • The fire cannot be located within 25 feet of any combustible material, fences or structures;
  • The fire must be constantly attended by a competent adult and there must be means to extinguish the fire easily accessible (garden hose, buckets of water, or fire extinguisher);
  • Only firewood may be used as fuel. Yard waste, tree trimmings, trash, or other material may not be burned in a recreational fire;
  • No open fires may occur under any circumstances when a “Red Flag Warning” is in effect.

Interim Fire Chief Kasey Beal assessed weather, precipitation and fire danger conditions, and issued the order to rescind the fire restrictions, which have been in place since April 22. Interim Chief Beal and Golden Fire Department personnel will continue to monitor weather and fire patterns to determine whether to reinstate fire restrictions.

Community members and visitors are encouraged to exercise caution with any outdoor cooking or campfires, particularly in grassy and wooded areas of Jefferson County.
For more information about fire safety and fire restriction details, please visit the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office website.

Download and read the complete press release.