Dog Parks

If your four-legged friend is itching for some off-leash time, the City of Golden supports two dog parks in town. Whichever park you decide to visit, though, please pick up after your dog–there is no poop fairy!

Tony Grampsas Dog Park

Dog Park Tony GrampsasHead to Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex for some wooded off-leash fun. Located at the north end of the ballfields at Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex at 44th and Salvia, the enclosed area is a 2.5 acre site, 300 yards north of the main parking lot. Just follow the sidewalk to its end past the ballfields!

A great place for dogs and people alike, the dog park features large trees that offer shade, and shrubby areas for dogs to explore. Carry your own water in if your pet needs refreshment. Be advised that during summer months there are areas where ground water comes to the surface making parts of the area muddy, so bring a towel. And please, remember to keep your pet leashed in the park area until you reach the site.

Homer’s Run Dog Park

Dog Park Ulysses ParkHomer’s Run Dog Park is located in Ulysses Sports Complex just west of field number 1, off of the 10th Avenue (upper) parking lot. With 3-foot fences, this park is perfect for the smaller dog that doesn’t need acres and acres to run around, but all sizes are welcome!

The park also features a picnic table for the visiting dogs’ two-legged friends.

COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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