Filming in Golden

Filming in GoldenWith its scenic views of the mountains, picturesque downtown, and the iconic “Welcome to Golden” arch, Golden is becoming a very popular location for filming. If you are planning to film any kind of production in our town there are few things you need to know.

Do I Need a Film Permit?

You will NOT need a film permit if ALL of the following is true:

  • Production Budget is less than $10,000
  • Cast and Crew total is less than 5 people
  • No electrical generation, and no cables or wires are being run
  • No lights are being set up
  • Traffic control is not being used
  • Pedestrian traffic on sidewalks is not obstructed
  • Public parking will not be impacted
  • Public right of way will not be impacted

If your production does not meet ALL of the above criteria, you will be required to obtain a film permit within 5 days of shooting.

Obtaining a Film Permit

If your production is required to obtain a film permit, please complete the Application for Permission to Film. A staff member will contact you once you have submitted your completed application. You will need to secure a film permit within five (5) days of shooting. There is no charge for a film permit, however, there may be fees associated with obtaining Right of Way permits if you request street or sidewalk closures.

All productions will be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance using the following specifications:

Insurance: The responsible organization shall procure and maintain, at its own cost, liability insurance in the amount of not less than $1,000,000 against all claims, demands and other obligations incurred by the organization filming within the City of Golden. Such insurance shall be in addition to any other insurance requirements imposed by law. The responsible organization shall not be relieved of any liability, claims, demands or other obligations assumed by reason of its failure to procure or maintain insurance in insufficient amounts, durations or types. A copy of the policy shall be provided to the City and approved by the City as a condition of the application being approved. “The City of Golden and its employees” must be listed as additional insured on the policy.

Filming in Golden Rules & Regulations

The film permit allows you to film on any public or City owned property, including parks, streets, downtown and the public art, but does not allow filming on private property without permission of the owner. Filming on private property requires the consent of the property owner. Please refrain from filming the general public without their express permission.

Pyrotechnics and/or explosives are not permitted in conjunction with filming without first obtaining an operational permit issued by the Golden Fire Department.

Drone Permit

Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or “drones” is permitted during filming, however, you must first obtain a drone permit. To qualify for a drone permit, you will need a waiver, insurance and an FAA license.

Please contact Stacy Turner at or 303-384-8191 for more information or if you have any questions.

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 Did You Know?
Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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