Sign Permits

All permanent or replacement signs require a building permit application before construction or modification. Illuminated, neon, or fluorescent signs also require an electrical permit. Visit our Online Permitting System and register for an account to submit your application online.

Chapter 18.32 of the City of Golden Municipal Code offers guidance on allowable signage and sign regulations.

Golden Zoning Ordinances and Municipal Code Signs Standards

  • Signage must communicate effectively with the community.
  • Traffic safety should be preserved by insuring signage will not distract drivers.
  • Signage size and placement should preserve the urban landscape and blend with the surrounding community fabric.
  • Size and placement of signs should minimize or eliminate the adverse or nuisance effect of signs on the use of adjacent public and private property.
  • Signs shall not be placed in the public right of way, or allowed to visually obstruct or impede pedestrian or vehicular movement.
  • Signs shall not be placed on any fence, telephone pole, or traffic control device.
  • Flotation devices are not allowed as signs.
  • Temporary signs are allowed for no more than 180 days.
  • Permits may be renewed upon reapplication and repayment of fees.

Sign Permit Applications

City of Golden Building Division
(303) 384-8151

Sign Regulations

City of Golden Planning Department
(303) 384-8097

A sketch of the sign, location of the sign, and any existing or proposed sign measurements must accompany the permit. Sign regulations are based off of total square footage of signage on the property.

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