Yard Waste Collection Days

Yard Waste Collection DaysYard Waste Collection Days happen twice a year–once in the spring and once in the fall for residents who participate in the PAYT waste collection program.

Yard Waste is collected by a separate truck on your designated trash collection day and should be placed near where your trash is collected by 7 a.m.

Material may be placed in your organics cart, bundled, or in certified compostable bags available for purchase at any home improvement store. Yard Waste for this collection is limited to grass clippings, pine needles, leaves, weeds, branches, sawdust, ground or chipped wood.

Guidelines do apply, so read below carefully.

Yard Waste Collection Guidelines

  • Branches must be less than 4 inches in diameter, no longer than 4 feet in length, and no more than 2 feet in diameter.
    • Do not use wires, nylon, polyethylene, or other synthetic materials for bundling. A1 Organics no longer accepts natural fiber string, yarn or rope either.
  • Yard waste will be limited to 3 cubic yards per resident which is equivalent to:
    • an area that is approx. 4 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet.; or
    • 21 certified compostable 30 gallon bags
  • This yard waste is recycled!  Do not contaminate this material with any of the following:
    • NO plastics, dirt, cactus, tree stumps, branches greater than 4 inches in diameter, ashes, animal waste, treated lumber, logs, old garden hoses or broken flower pots.
    • NO Construction material is allowed for this service. Plastic bags are not allowed.
  • Material that is not in your organics cart, bundled, or in certified compostable bags will not be picked up.
  • Look for this label on products that can be commercially composted!

compostable label

  • This yard waste will be composted! Please do not contaminate material with any of the following:
    • NO trash
    • NO plastics
    • NO glass
    • NO dirt
    • NO cactus
    • NO tree stumps
    • NO branches greater than 4 inches in diameter
    • NO ashes
    • NO animal waste
    • NO treated lumber
    • NO logs
    • NO old garden hoses
    • NO broken flower pots
    • NO plastic bags
    • NO construction materials
  • Material that is not bundled, not in reusable containers or in non-compostable plastic bags WILL NOT be picked up.

For more information on year-round organics collection, please contact Republic Services at 303-277-8727 or visit the City’s Trash Services page.

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