Community Sustainability Advisory Board

Board Member Term Ends
Tanja Rauch-Williams – Chair April 2024
Stacey Halvorsen – Vice Chair April 2022
Bill Lucas-Brown April 2022
Carol Russell April 2024
Jill Engel-Cox April 2024
Ken Jacobs April 2022
Micah Allen April 2022
Sustainability in GoldenIn 2007, Golden City Council made sustainability its top priority. On December 6, 2007, City Council adopted Ordinance No. 1789 pdf download forming the Community Sustainability Advisory Board. In 2019, City Council unanimously passed Resolution 2656 pdf download to formally revise Golden’s existing sustainability goals and set new targets related to energy, water and waste. The primary purpose of the board is to assist the City in achieving its sustainability goals. In order to facilitate achievement of these goals, the Board will lead, encourage, enable, and empower the citizens, visitors, and people who work in Golden, to live in a sustainable manner.

The Community Sustainability Advisory Board’s is supported by City staff within the City Manager’s Office.


The mission of the Community Sustainability Advisory Board is to assist the City of Golden in defining and achieving its sustainability goals and to empower the community to live in a way that assures a high quality of life for current and future generations.


The Community Sustainability Advisory Board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month in Council Chambers from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. These meetings are open to the public.

To view agendas of upcoming meetings or view minutes or stream audio of meetings, visit our Agenda, Minutes, Web Casts, Schedule page.

To view archived agendas and minutes from meetings prior to June 2015, please visit our Document Center.

For more information call (303) 384-8117.

Board Activities

In early 2020, CSAB established their 2020 CSAB Work Plan.

CSAB previously adopted the City of Golden Strategic Plan pdf icon in late 2010, and in 2015, adopted the current Sustainability Strategic Plan pdf download, outlining sustainability policies and projects that the Board will pursue in the next several years. The Strategic Plan is intended to assist the city in achieving its long-term goals and will be updated annually to reflect completed projects and best practices in the sustainability industry.

CSAB Resolutions and Ordinances 

Resolution 1793: 10 Year Sustainability Council Goals
Resolution 1898: Clarifying Appointments To CSAB
Ordinance 1789: Establishing The Sustainability Advisory Board
Resolution 1937: Leed Silver For Municipal Buildings
Resolution 1921: Direction To The Sustainability Board
Resolution 1966: Solar Permit Fee Waivers
Resolution 1959: Establishing the Community Garden
Ordinance 1844: Solar Fee Waivers
Resolution 2016: Sustainability Goals Defined
Resolution 2004: Memorandum of Understanding With CSM, DOE, and NREL
Ordinance 1867: Amending Chapter 18.40 Gmc-Site Development
Resolution 2047: Performance Indicators
Resolution 2055: Pay As You Throw Fees
Ordinance 1868: Pay As You Throw Code Amendments
Resolution 2018: Authorizing Community Garden for 2010
Resolution 1740: Adoption of Cities For Climate Protection Campaign
Resolution 1797: ESCO Agreement
Resolution 1837: Establishing a Walkability Task Force
Resolution 1852: Establishing a Bicycle Master Plan Task Force
Resolution 1845: Establish an Affordable Housing Task Force
Resolution 1894: Acceptance of the Walkability Task Force Report
Resolution 1907: DOLA Grant Energy Audit Contract
Ordinance1913: Residential Green Menu
Ordinance 1914: Solar Gardens Uses
Resolution 2137: Community Garden License Agreement 2011
Resolution 2255: Energy Audit for Proposal Municipal Solar Electric Project
Ordinance 1833: Amendments to Chapter. 1.05, 2.50, 4.48, 18.16, 18.58, And 18.62 of the Municipal Code
Resolution 2160: Residential Waste Recycle Fees
Resolution 2272: Pay As You Throw Fees
Resolution 2330: Sustainability Goals Revised
Resolution 2400: Waste Hauler Application Fees
Ordinance 1992: Pay As You Throw Hauler Fees
Ordinance 1991: Pay As You Throw Citywide
Ordinance 2009: Pay As You Throw Citywide Delay Implementation
Resolution 2432: Fees for Residential Waste
Ordinance 2007: Water Fountains Tap Fees
Ordinance 1863: CSAB Responsibilities
Resolution 2546: Guiding Principles for a Potential Community Solar Project
Resolution 2210: Denver Urban Gardens Community Garden Use
Ordinance 2022: Amending Chapter 4.82 Regarding Residential Waste
Resolution 2583: Joining the Compact Of Colorado Communities
Ordinance 1913: Amending Chapter 18.24 Regarding the Residential Sustainability Menu
Ordinance 2048: Amending Chapter 18.40.350 Regarding Sustainability Menu Requirements
Resolution 2607: Providing for a Temporary Rebate of Certain Fees for Residential Solar Building Permit Applications
Resolution 2626: Amending Service Fees for the Residential Waste Collection Program

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Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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