Golden Investment Forum Task Force

The Golden Investment Forum Task Force was established by City Council Resolution 2585 in October 2017, to advise City Council on potential courses of action regarding appropriate levels of community investment in capital infrastructure and amenities in Golden. The initial role of the Task Force will focus on analysis of current needs and community engagement. This phase of the investigation will include at least the following:

  • An initial review of project purpose and goals and the general scope of Golden Vision investment opportunities already suggested over the years.
  • A review and testing of any specific community engagement and/or input tool(s) prepared for Golden’s project.
  • Serving as the host group for approximately three large group community forums, planned in addition to all of the more targeted and open on-line engagement.
  • A review of the input data received.
  • And to complete the initial phase, a strong role in finalizing the Summary Report to Council for such initial phase and the recommendation whether or how to proceed further with investigation or consideration of a funding question.

The Task Force will terminate as a City established group upon a formal City Council decision to end the project, or to submit a funding question to the electorate.


The Task Force holds all meetings in public with advance public notice and has an extensive public comment and participation component. For details on the specific meeting schedule, visit the Agenda, Minutes, Web Casts, Schedule page.

Opportunity for Input

There are a number of documents and resources on the project page for the Golden Investment Forum at The community input phase has ended, but you can still review the information, and the feedback collected while the project was an active conversation.


The Task Force consists of up to eighteen members, including representatives from the following:

  • One member of the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee
  • One member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
  • One member of the Planning Commission
  • One member of the Community Sustainability Advisory Board
  • One member of the Mobility and Transportation Advisory Board
  • One member of the Golden Cultural Alliance
  • One member of the Golden Urban Renewal Authority
  • One member of the Downtown Development Authority
  • One member of the Public Art Commission
  • One member of the Historic Preservation Board
  • One member of the Economic Development Commission
  • Seven at-large members of the public who are citizens, business owners, students, or property owners within the City of Golden. The Mayor and each Ward and District Councilor shall appoint one such at large member.
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 Did You Know?
Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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