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The Public Art Commission (PAC) is responsible for the City of Golden’s Art in Public Places Program. Public art creates a vibrant atmosphere that contributes to the quality and cultural identity of our community. It is inspired by a variety of goals including encouraging cultural expression and inspiring a sense of civic pride.

Artists bring a unique perspective to the built and natural landscape of our City and create memorable spaces for residents, businesses, and visitors. Enhancing the character of community through public art directly supports cultural tourism and economic development.

The PAC has the responsibility of promoting, selecting, acquiring and maintaining public art in the fulfillment of the City’s Art in Public Places program. View the entire collection of the City’s Public Art by visiting the Public Art page.

Community Public Art Proposals

Do you have a great idea for public art in Golden? We want to hear from you.

The Art in Public Places program (AIPP) seeks to enrich Golden’s public environment and experience for residents and visitors through the arts. The PAC expands and adds variety to the public art collection, in part, through community art proposals. Please refer to the Art in Public Places Handbook pdf icon below for more information and please contact if you have any questions about the City of Golden Art in Public Places Program.

PAC News

  • Want to learn more about our public art collection? The PAC teamed up with Arts Management and Planning Associates to commission a conditions and maintenance report. This helpful report provides pictures and maintenance cost estimates for each piece. You can find the report under the helpful documents portion of our page.

From Drab to Fab – Gray Traffic Boxes to Become Works of Art in Downtown Golden

Seven unsightly boxes that control traffic signals around town will soon become impressive public art. Foothills Art Center and the City of Golden Public Art Commission have commissioned seven artists to install artwork on the large grey metal boxes in Downtown Golden. Each of the seven signal boxes will feature a unique design from one of the following chosen artists: Andi Burnum, Ellen Nelson, Evan Colbert, Lauren Gombas, Patrick Milbery, Thomas Sarmo and Victoria Eubanks.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to highlight the talent of our local artists in these high traffic and high visibility locations.” said Eriq Hochuli, Curator for Foothills Art Center. “The signal boxes typically go unnoticed by passersby and in some cases they can be quite unsightly. Rather than taking measures to camouflage them further, we would like to re-purpose them as a showcase for artistic excellence.”

The selected artwork will be digitally transferred to vinyl overlays and professionally wrapped around the traffic signal box. The vinyl wraps are resistant to spray paint, markers, damage from adhesives, and can last up to five years. Look for the new installation in early 2020 and share photos of your favorite pieces on social media using #GoldenPAC. The traffic signal box project is a partnership between the Golden Public Art Commission and the Foothills Art Center.

Look for the signal box art in the following locations:

  • Corner of 10th and Washington near the Golden Visitors Center
  • Corner 10th and Ford near Burgess Park
  • Corner of 12th and Ford near Coor’s administrative building
  • Corner of 13th and Ford near the Coor’s brewery tour parking lot
  • Corner of 13th and Washington near Indulge Bistro
  • Corner of 12th and Washington near Buffalo Rose
  • Corner of 11th and Washington near Sassafras

“Run & Fly” to See Golden’s New Public Art Piece

Golden’s newest art piece, “Run and Fly,” was recently installed on the west side of Hwy 93, north of Pine Ridge Road. The set of three eight-foot sculptures, created by artist Joe Norman, aims to serve as an entryway into the City from the north, providing a sense of arrival to Golden.  Be sure to check out the piece while driving both directions on Hwy 93, as the silhouettes appear to change depending on the view. Travelers heading northbound will see three red-tailed hawks, while those going southbound will see a group of children running together.

Help, Hope & Strength Mural Completed on Goldco Retaining Wall

An exciting new addition to the artistic landscape in Golden along Washington Ave between 2nd and 5th Street is now complete. This new, 1000 ft long mural is the product of an 18-month long program that involved Foothills Art Center, Golden High School, Golden Rotary Club, and Denver artist, Jolt. The new mural was designed to addresses mental health issues in our community with an uplifting message about help, hope, and strength. The mural was jointly designed by students working along with the artist.
To learn more about the project visit

“Checkmate” Statue Gallops to a New Home

A re-dedication ceremony for Golden’s impressive bronze statue called “Checkmate” was held  Oct. 1 as part of the celebration for the completion of the Linking Lookout project. Representatives from the City of Golden, the Public Art Commission, the Golden Civic Foundation and Golden Rotary Club were present.

In 2004, the Golden Public Art Partnership, the Golden Civic Foundation, and the Golden Rotary Club purchased and delivered “Checkmate” after Rotarian Bob Short discovered it in the lobby of the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Houston while on a business trip. In 2006, the piece was placed at a temporary location near Hwy 93 and Pine Ridge Road until it could be placed in its permanent location on the new 19th Street lid.

The 10-foot statue, created by renowned sculptor Herb Mignery, depicts a cowboy training a young horse. Mignery was born and raised on a family cattle ranch in Bartlett, NE. His works portray the spirit of the hard-working people of the West. He has received numerous awards and his work is featured in museums throughout the country. Mignery’s pieces can also be seen at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail, the Gateway project in St. Louis, and downtown Denver.

Shoshone Spirit statue“Shoshone Spirit” Roams into Golden

“Shoshone Spirit” is a new on-loan art piece by stone sculpture artist William Gee of Golden. It was installed on June 6 along the Clear Creek walking path. Golden’s Public Art Commission (PAC) voted unanimously to accept “Shoshone Spirit” on-loan during its April 6 meeting.

The PAC was attracted to the piece due to its strong ties to Golden’s heritage. The stone is from Golden – the same as the volcanic caprock on the two Table Mountains. Also, the piece’s title, “Shoshone Spirit”, refers to both a tribe that inhabited this region, as well as the geologic name of the rock, shoshonite (an unusual variety of basalt). In addition, buffalos have and continue to be a part of the Golden landscape as well as western themes and cultures.

Artist, William Gee, is a geologist who enjoys carving local wildlife. He lives just north of Golden, where the boulder to make Shoshone Spirit was found. Keller Farms donated the boulder, which serves as a base for the piece.

hummingbird sculptureThe Rocky Mountain Hummer has Landed

Golden’s newest and highly anticipated public art piece, Rocky Mountain Hummer, was installed at the Ulysses St roundabout near King Soopers on April 20. The 3,000 pound hummingbird stands about 15 feet tall on its pedestal, and is made of a patchwork of blue, green and purple sheets of steel and about 20 upcycled car hoods. Don Kennell, a metal sculptor of Santa Fe who grew up in Lakewood, was selected by the Public Art Commission (PAC) last fall to create a public art piece for this location.

Public Art Along Clear Creek

The Clear Creek Trail behind the Golden Public Library is now home to 12, 2’ by 2’ diamond shaped medallions created by Roberto Delgado. The tiles feature more than 50 images of Goldenites past and present, historical pictures and news clippings, and photos of the community’s beautiful natural landscape. Take a stroll down the Clear Creek Trail and check out the vibrant tiles!

Helpful Documents


The Public Art Commission meets the first Thursday of each month at City Council Chambers, 911 10th Street, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. These meeting are open to the public.

To view agendas of upcoming meetings or view minutes or stream audio of meetings, visit our Agenda, Minutes, Web Casts, Schedule page.

For more information call Robin Fleischmann at (303) 384-8080.


The Commission is comprised of seven members, five of whom are citizen representatives.

Commission Member Term Ends
Dorothy Calagiovanni April 2025
Kellene Behm April 2025
Kristie Brice – Chair April 2025
Julie Bartos – Golden Civic Foundation April 2025
Rick Souders — Vice Chair April 2027
Cindy Jaye April 2027
Hassan Najjar — Foothills Art Center April 2027


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Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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