Industrial Pretreatment

Treatment SystemThe primary function of Golden’s Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program is to prevent the introduction of pollutants into the sanitary sewer system that could interfere with the operation of the wastewater treatment plant, cause damage to the sewer system, or pass through the treatment plant to Clear Creek.

Regulation of businesses and industries through this program ensures the protection of the environment and the safety of wastewater treatment personnel, as well as the local community.

Responsibilities of the Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program:

  • Monitors and assists local businesses and industries for compliance
  • Administers pretreatment discharge permits
  • Provides education regarding best management practices, pollution prevention and waste minimization
  • Responds to illicit discharges to the sanitary sewer system

Permits, Forms and Brochures

Business/Industrial Waste Questionnaire pdf download
The Pretreatment Program requires that all commercial and industrial businesses fill out this questionnaire.

Grease Control Questionnaire pdf download
Designed for Restaurants, Cafeterias, and Fast Food Services.

Silver/Mercury Questionnaire pdf download
Must be completed by various businesses

Pretreatment Permit Application pdf download
Information will be used to determine if a wastewater discharge permit is required for your facility.

Mobile Washer General Permit – Attachment A Only pdf download

Mobile Washer General Permit Fact Sheet and Application pdf download

Mobile Washer Permit Report Form pdf download

Silver/Mercury Fact Sheet pdf download
Important information regarding silver and mercury

Grease Brochure pdf download
Information about fats, oils and grease

Compliance Bulletin pdf download
Information about photographic, x-ray and dental wastes

Mercury Information

State and EPA Guidelines for Control of Mercury Wastes

Golden’s wastewater program currently implements a voluntary mercury waste control program emphasizing responsible good housekeeping practices for those businesses that use mercury containing products. The Environmental Protection Agency offers guidance that requires local pretreatment programs to require and enforce “Best Management Practices” as a means to control mercury wastes in the sanitary sewer system. Specifically, these “BMPs” are a requirement of local dentist and orthodontic offices in Golden. The American Dental Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote the voluntary installation and use of mercury amalgam separators in member establishments.

Mercury Sources of Pollution
Learn more about the sources of mercury pollution

EPA Mercury Control
To learn more about the EPA proposal to control mercury discharges from dental facilities

Regulatory Resources

EPA Pretreatment Program

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Additional Resources

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