Fire Department Services

Non-emergency Services
Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
After business hours & weekends

Mission Statement

The mission of the Golden fire department’s dedicated professionals is to enhance the quality of life for the Golden Community through fire and injury prevention, education and the protection of life and property.


The Golden fire department strives for customer service excellence as a model combination fire department. We pride ourselves in always putting our customers’ needs above our own. Our department culture is grounded in inclusiveness, transparency and innovation. We protect each other through our dedication to training, safety and prevention. As a team of dedicated professionals, we are committed to the residents of Golden, our department and each other. All that we do is aimed at keeping Golden a premier place to live, play and work.

Purpose Statement

To serve in the Face of Adversity.

Volunteer Application Process

The 2023 Volunteer Firefighter application process is now closed. Sign up to be notified when we are recruiting for our next fire academy.

Three Volunteer Levels

  • Recruit:  No certifications or experience required.
  • Apprentice :  Colorado Firefighter I, Hazmat Operations, and EMT required.
  • Lateral:  Colorado Firefighter I, Hazmat Operations, EMT, and minimum 2 years experience within the last 4 years.

Shared Values

Shared Values Acronym: I – LAST
Signifying we have the fortitude to do what is needed and the humility to serve others first.

I – Integrity
We are honest, fair, and consistent, showing an uncompromising adherence to ethical behavior and our shared values.

L – Loyalty
We are committed to each other as one family of brothers and sisters, to the residents of our communities, and visitors.

A – Accountability
We are responsible for our words and behavior to ourselves, each other, and the public. We humbly support one another in the positive pursuit of excellence, coaching each other to constantly improve.

S – Service
We put others before ourselves, doing our duty courageously, honorably, and respectfully. Through education and innovation, we provide the highest levels of emergency services and fire-prevention education in the nation.

T – Trust
We depend on one another’s words and commitments to each other as a high-performance team, based on our professional knowledge, skills, and capabilities.

April 2023 Fire Department Call Statistics

Major Incident Types
Number of Incidents
Percentage of Total
Fires 8 3.56%
Overpressure rupture 0 0%
Rescue & Emergency Medical Services 136 60.44%
Hazardous Conditions (No Fire) 5 2.22%
Service Call 11 4.89%
Good Intent Call 45 20%
False Alarm & False Call 19 8.44%
Severe Weather Related Call 0 0%
Special Incident Type 1 0.44%
Total Incidents 225 100%

Incidents by Location

District #1 (North end) 115 51.11%
District #2 (South end) 76 33.78%
Other Outside of City 34 15.11%

Other Statistics

Automatic Aid Received 11
Automatic Aid Given 28
Mutual Aid Received 3
Mutual Aid Given 12
Average Response Time 7:33 min
Average Total Time per Call 22:53 min
Average Number of Firefighters per Incident 6.1
Total Property Value Saved $572,200
Total Property Value Losses $11,100
Fire Department Services:
Car Seat Checks Alarm Registration
Community Wildfire Protection Plan Firefighter Member Training
Fire Donations Fire Safety Education Programs
Senior Fire Safety
COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

Additional Resources

City of Golden, Colorado
COG Mesa
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