The Golden Fire Department is divided into five different divisions, each overseeing a different aspect of fire safety and fire prevention in the City of Golden.


Jerry Stricker, Acting Fire Chief
(303) 384-8093

Debbie Testroet, Administrative Coordinator
(303) 384-8094

AdministrationThe Fire Chief, Administrative Coordinator, Debbie Testroet, and administrative staff are responsible for establishing policy, planning operations, controlling budget, managing expenditures, supplies, facilities, equipment and personnel, evaluating operational effectiveness, and implementing improvements. The Administrative Division coordinates emergency management functions for the planning, mitigation, response and recovery from disasters or other large-scale incidents within Golden.

Fire & Life Safety

Jerry Stricker, Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal
(303) 384-8093

The Fire and Life Safety Division of the Golden Fire Department is led by Fire Marshal, Jerry Stricker. Within this division are Fire Prevention and Public Safety Education.

The proactive goal of this division is to prevent fires from occurring, which is accomplished through enforcing fire codes and other ordinances pertaining to fire and life safety. In addition, the Golden Fire Department takes a unique approach to educating the citizens of Golden about preventing fires and injuries. The citizens, business owners and visitors of Golden are educated about fire and life safety with our Fire Safety Programs.


Captain Jeanette Kehoe, Training Officer
(303) 215-8888

The Training Division prepares Fire Fighters, from probation through retirement, to serve as safe, effective and efficient team members that save lives and protect property. For more information on Fire Fighter Training, see our Fire Fighter Volunteer & Member Training page.

Message from the Chief

“Community Partners in Fire and Life Safety”

Greetings from Golden, Colorado, a diverse, vibrant and progressive community that is proud to be a part of “Where the West Lives.” As Fire Chief, I welcome you to the Golden Fire Department’s home on the Internet. It is my hope that you find this site both entertaining and informative. We have much to be proud of and are glad that you have decided to stop by and visit.

Fire TruckGolden is the western most suburban city in the Denver Metro Area. We cover approximately 18 square miles and operate out of four fire stations. Our organization is spread among the four Divisions of Administration, Operations, Fire and Life Safety and Training and Technical Services. You can learn more about each of these divisions within our department here on the website.

The Golden Fire Department has come a long way since its beginning in 1879. Prior to 1879, the town had three separate fire companies consisting of the Excelsior Fire Company No. 1, the F. E. Everett Hook and Ladder Co. and the W. A. H. Loveland Independent Fire and Hose Company. All three combined into the Golden Fire Department in 1879. The department currently is a combination department with more than 90 personnel. The department has evolved into one of the finest fire service agencies in the State of Colorado. Throughout the history of the Golden Fire Department, many tragedies have occurred, many heroic deeds have been performed, and many dedicated people have devoted their lives to a goal of serving people.

The future looks even brighter for the Golden Fire Department. As the needs of the community change, the department’s operations continue to evolve and expand. While moving forward, the department has adopted advancements in equipment and technology. The concept of the fire service has come to include much more than structural firefighting.

The Golden Fire Department and its personnel has always boldly faced its challenges and quickly responded to changes in the fire service and in the community that it serves. New pages to the story are being written every day by the actions of the dedicated and professional men and women who make up one the finest fire service agencies in the country.

Enjoy your visit!

John E. Bales, Fire Chief
Golden Fire Department

Technical Services

Kyle RaleyKyle Raley, Fire Mechanic, Fire Mechanic
(303) 384-8094

Technical Services is responsible for keeping department stations, vehicles/apparatus, equipment and tools in a condition of readiness. The Fire Mechanic performs and coordinates work on all fire apparatus, command vehicles, equipment, fire appliances, and tools of the department. Also, Technical Services maintains and organizes the fire department’s four stations and other facilities.


Jerry Stricker, Acting Fire Chief
(303) 384-8093
The largest Division within the Golden Fire Department is the Operations Division. Fire suppression, rescue, hazardous conditions, and all other calls for service are duties of the Operations Division. The Operations Division of the Golden Fire Department is organized into three separate areas – two response districts and a special operations division.

District 1 geographically covers the north area of the city, and District 2 covers the south, although both districts may respond to major incidents.

The Special Operations Division includes rescue and wildland firefighting. The Technical Rescue Team (TRT) members are trained specifically for high and low angle rescue, swift water rescue, ice rescue, and auto extrication. Other incidents may include industrial rescue and hazardous materials response. The Golden Fire Department stresses the importance of firefighters being cross trained in wildland firefighting, due to our proximity to the urban/wildland interface. Each recruit completes training and certification to become a nationally accredited ‘Red Card’ wildland firefighter in addition to their structural firefighting training and certification.

To learn more about the City of Golden’s Fire Stations and see a map of their locations, please visit our Fire Stations and Equipment page.

COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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