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Golden Fire Department Annual Fund Drive

2011 Fire Academy

Each year, volunteers of the Golden Fire Department solicit donations for the volunteer membership fund. The money generated from the fund-drive donations are used to purchase needed equipment and supplies not covered by the fire department city budget.

Please mail in your donation to the address provided below, or submit your payment online with Paypal. We would also like to thank you for your donations in past years. Your donations make a big difference in helping support the volunteer firefighters!

As a volunteer membership organization, we are committed to providing the best training for our members along with the best resources for aiding the city.

We appreciate your support – the Golden Fire Department volunteers will be there for you.

PayPal Donations

Mailed Donations

Golden Fire Foundation
911 10th St.
Golden, CO  80401

Here’s a look at how the money you donated last year helped maintain and improve Fire Department operations:

Fire Donations & Allocations

$8,000 Training personnel in Wildland firefighting skills, Technical Rescue skills, and Advanced Fire Developmental training
$11,000 Upgrading rescue equipment used on frequent rescue calls
$3,500 Purchasing new fire equipment/consumables for structure fire calls
$4,000 Medical and rehabilitation supplies (water, blankets, food, etc.)
COG Mesa

 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
a gold prospector who arrived in Jefferson County in 1858.

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