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New Permitting System Now Live!

  • We’ve moved our permitting system to a new platform that will make the process easier, more transparent, and allow you to track it online from start to finish!
  • Submit all of your fire permits online at
  • Please DO NOT use the link to any Seamless Docs permit forms; they no longer work.
  • You may continue to contact us at for updates on any currently submitted permits

Fire Prevention Schedule

For plan review, please read our Contractor’s Permit Requirements and Instructions Guide pdf download for the following information:  plan submittal instructions, code amendments and adoption, GFD requirements for sprinklers, fire alarm, kitchen hood, address, Knox box, fire lanes, operational permits, fees, and how to navigate our online permitting system.

You may contact Division Chief/Fire Marshal Scott Case for plan reviews and operational and construction permit questions at or (303) 215-8887.

Contact Us

Scott Case, Division Chief/Fire Marshal
Gary Wilmes, Fire Inspector/Investigator
Jennifer Henderson, Deputy Fire Marshal
Jonathan Priestly, Fire Inspector

Plan Review & Inspection

Attention Fire Code Users

Please review the Contractor’s Permit Requirements and Instructions pdf download for details on requirements, plan submittals instructions, inspections procedures and frequently asked questions. Please contact GFD to confirm your project is in the city limits of Golden.

International Fire Code Additions

  • With the City of Golden’s anticipated adoption of the 2021 editions of the International Building Code, International Fire Code, and others, an important change is forthcoming. Sections 3303 and 3305 of the 2021 International Fire Code require any work site involving the construction, alteration, or demolition of a structure to have a fire protection program in place, including a site safety director, daily documented fire safety inspections, the potential for required fire watch, and a written site safety plan.
  • The completed site safety plan will be required with any submittal and will be reviewed by the Golden Fire Department. Site safety plans which do not meet the requirements of the code will be returned and no permit will be issued until the plan is complete. Thank you for your assistance in making our city safer.

Permit Information

Please confirm that the address is within the boundaries and jurisdiction of the Golden Fire Department using the Jefferson County Address Wizard.

Fire Permit Applications

All applications and forms listed below are available at, and should be submitted through,

  • Fire Permit Form
    This form is for fire alarm, fire suppression, kitchen hood, BDA, or 2-way radio communicators; for new and existing buildings.
  • Fire Permit Revision Form
    This form is requested for any revisions or supplemental documentation on an existing fire permit.
  • Building Referral Form
    This form is for building division referral applicants that require a fire review.
  • Building Referral Revision Form
    This forms is requested for any revisions or supplemental documentation on an existing building permit.
  • Operational Permit Form
    This form is for Tents, Hot Works, Fireworks or above ground storage tanks.
  • Re-Inspection Form
    This form is to schedule a Re-Inspection or a before and after hours inspection.
  • K-12 Building Permit Form
    This form is used by K-12 public schools for review of building additions, modifications and new builds.
  • K-12 Fire Permit From
    This form is used for fire alarm, fire suppression, kitchen hood, BDA, or 2-way radio communicators in K12 public schools.
  • CSM Building Referral Form
    This form is to be used by Colorado School of Mines ONLY for building referral reviews.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call Scott at 303-215-8887 or email for assistance. There is a cover page on each form that will give you step-by-step instructions. Please try these first before calling. The permit fee structure is already embedded in the form itself so you will enter your valuation and it will calculate your amount due from there. You will also attach your PDF documents (CAD drawings or scope of work letter, spec sheets and calcs) to the form and pay before you finalize and submit your request.

Fire and Life Safety Tips

Visit our Fire and Life Safety Tips pageVisit our Fire and Life Safety Tips page for simple steps that you can take in your own home to ensure the safety of yourself and the ones you love.

The City of Golden Fire Department also offers a number of Fire Safety Programs to help you and the ones you love stay safe, and know what to do in any emergency.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment or have questions regarding any Public Safety or Education program, contact the Fire Inspector at (303) 215-8886.

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