Fire Station 21

Fire Station 1Located near downtown Golden, Station 21 was constructed in 1960 along with the city government building.

Station 21 originally had three apparatus bays facing 10th Street and three bays to the rear of the building. Up to that time the Golden Fire Department had been using the Central Fire Station, which had been built in 1883, to house all their apparatus. On May 6, 1961 with Fire Chief Harry Stokes in the lead, 40 members of the Golden Volunteer Fire Department met at the old Central Fire Station for the last time, and marched in parade dress to their new quarters at Fire Station No. 1 in Golden’s Municipal Center at 10th Street Washington Avenue.

The Loveland Station, built in 1927 and remodeled in 1956, was only used for fire department business meetings. In the early 1970s the Golden Fire Department sold the Loveland Station to the American Legion. The proceeds of the sale were used to build the Tower bay, meeting room and offices at Station 21. This station served District 1 until July 2007.

The City of Golden’s budget process for 2007-2008 began in late 2006. During the planning phase the replacement of fire station 21 became a priority. Three possibilities existed:

  • Relocate and build a new Fire Station 21
  • Do an extensive remodel of the existing facility
  • Demolish and rebuild Fire Station 21 on the existing site.

The recommendation became demolish and rebuild on the existing site.The City Council approved the funding from various sources and in July 2007 the Administration Offices and Fire Station were relocated temporarily to the vacated City Shops complex at 1465 10th Street Hauser Architects P.C. designed the new facility and Golden Triangle Construction, Inc. was the general contractor for the project. Demolition began in September 2007 and the Fire Department operated for the next nine months from the temporary site. In mid-April 2008 the new Fire Administration Station 21 was completed. Fire Administration completed the move back in April 2008 and six fire apparatus moved in on May 2, 2008 and the facility became fully operational with the first duty shift working on May 2, 2008.

The new facility houses the Fire Administration offices, a state-of-the-art learning and computer center and living quarters for up to eight firefighters. The station will also house six apparatus including; two engine companies, one ladder/tower company, one heavy rescue company, one brush truck and a water rescue apparatus.

The facility was planned to provide administrative and fire/rescue services to the City of Golden for the next 40-50 years. The department is extremely proud of this new facility and gratefully acknowledge the support from the City Council, the City of Golden and all staff and members of the Golden Fire Department.

Station 21 Apparatus

Tower 21

Golden Fire Department Tower 1Tower 21 is the only Truck Company in the Golden Fire Department. The Truck Company responds to structure fires automatic fire alarms and other calls as requested for the entire city and contracted areas.

1995 Pierce Lance 100 Foot Aerial-Platform 
  • Pump Panel: Side Mount
  • Pump Type and Capacity: Waterous, 2 Stage, 2000 GPM
  • Tank Size: 200 Gallons
  • Pump Shift Type: Electric
  • Pump Configuration: Midship, Drive by the Transmission
  • Hose Bed: both 2.5″ and 5″ Hose
  • Pre-connects: Two-1.75″
  • 5 inch Capability: Two 5″ Intake and One 5″ Discharge
  • Electric Generator: Yes

Rescue 21

GFD Rescue 21 TruckRescue 21 responds to all emergency medical calls and auto crashes in District one. This Rescue Company is first due for calls in Clear Creek Canyon. The Canyon is outside of the city limits; however, Golden Fire Department is the closest fire agency to respond for emergencies.

Also, Rescue 21 responds to structure fire calls for support to replace Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus air bottles, lighting and other support as needed.

2022 Pierce Velocity
  • Cummins X12 Engine with Allison 6-speed transmission
  • Two Will-Burt pneumatic light towers
  • A Total of six receiver hitch anchor points
  • A full set of battery-operated extrication tools, mounted on a 3-place rotating toolholder

Water Rescue

2015 Water Rescue TruckWater Rescue carries equipment for all types of water rescues. A specially trained water rescue team makes up the Rescue Company for this unit. Some of the equipment includes a raft, boogie boards, ropes and wet suits also, dry suits for ice rescues.

2015 Pierce/Freightliner Heavy Duty Swift Water Rescue
  • Personnel Rehabilitation Capabilities
  • Incident Command Vehicle
  • Self-contained Walk-in Style Rescue Body
  • 4 Personnel Seating Positions in Back
  • Multiple Scene Lighting
  • 7.5 feet Light Tower
  • Rooftop Storage Bins
  • 2 Inflatable Boats On board

Engine 21

Golden Fire Department Engine 1Engine 21 is the first due Engine Company to respond for automatic fire alarms, structure fires, hazardous materials emergencies and assistance for service in the response area of Station 21. This Engine Company also responds on rescue calls secondary to Rescue 21 in district one.

2005 Pierce Dash Engine
  • Pump Panel: Top Mount
  • Pump Type and Capacity:Waterous, 2 Stage, 1500 GPM
  • Tank Size: 750 Gallons
  • Pump Shift Type: Air/ Electric
  • Pump Configuration: Midship, Drive by the Transmission
  • Hose Bed: 2.5″, 3″ and 5″ Hose
  • Pre-connects: One- 1″, two-1.75″, one-2.5″ Attack Lines
  • 5 inch Capability: One 5″ Intake
  • Foam System: Foam Pro 2001
  • Electric Generator: Harrison Hydraulic

Engine 22

Golden Fire Department Engine 2

Engine 22 responds to all types of emergencies within District 1 as a second due engine company. This apparatus is also a reserve engine for the entire city.

1992 Pierce Dash Engine

  • Pump Panel: Top Mount
  • Pump Type and Capacity:Waterous, 2 Stage, 1500 GPM
  • Tank Size: 750 Gallons
  • Pump Shift Type: Electric
  • Pump Configuration: Midship, Drive by the Transmission
  • Hose Bed: 2.5″, 3″ and 5″ Hose
  • Pre-connects: One-1″, Two-1.75″, One-2 1/2 inch Attack Lines
  • 5 inch Capability: One 5″ Intake and one 5″ Discharge
  • Electric Generator: Yes

Brush 21

GFD Brush 1This apparatus is a wildland urban interface vehicle. It responds to all wildland fires and occasionally vehicle fires.

2002 Pierce/Ford 550

  • Pump Type and Capacity:Waterous, 1 Stage, 125 GPM
  • Tank Size: 400 Gallons
  • Pump Configuration: Stand-alone Briggs & Stratton 18 HP
  • Hose Bed: 2.5″ and Hard-Suction
  • Pre-connects: 1.5″ and 1″ hose reel and front spray-bars
  • 5 inch Capability: None
  • Electric Generator: No

Parade Truck

Parade TruckThe Golden Fire Department has a very rich history and part of their efforts to keep that history alive is in their 1948 GMC/Darley Champion pumper.

Equipped with a 500 gpm pump and 200-gallon booster tank, this rig has been restored by the Department twice. The most recent restoration saw the unit returned to its original livery featuring a unique red and white paint scheme. The rig is completely functional and routinely participates in public relations events.

COG Mesa

 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
a gold prospector who arrived in Jefferson County in 1858.

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