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2021 GFD Awards and Recognitions

The annual Golden Fire Department awards banquet was canceled in 2021 due to the spread of COVID. As a result, awards were presented at the March business meeting. Chief Stricker spoke a little about each award-winner, enumerating their merits and accomplishments.

“I am very proud of our personnel and all that they accomplish, many without pay,” said Chief Stricker. “I am honored to be able to present each their well-deserved awards.”

Firefighter of the Year

The Firefighter of the Year is awarded to an outstanding firefighter that has demonstrated their commitment through call participation in emergencies, meetings, training, fundraising and work detail. The firefighter’s actions must have represented the best characteristics of a Golden Firefighter.

Engineer Brandon Dobson, nominated by his peers, was recognized as Firefighter of the Year for 2021. This recognition is for his outstanding performance and knowledge in developing the Probationary Firefighter Task Book training program. In addition, Dobson received the Training Division Appreciation Award. He played a lead role in the active shooter trainings and developed the “Go-Bags” for that program. “You are a role model of professional development,” said Chief Stricker, and went on to list the many certifications Dobson has obtained:  State Hazmat Technician, State Driver Operator (Pumper), Fire Instructor 1, Acting Company Officer, and an EKG course completion.

Brandon Dobson receives his award from Chief Jerry Stricker

Probationary Firefighter of the Year

The individual who receives the Probationary Firefighter of the Year is nominated by their peer recruits in the same GFD Fire Academy. This award is given annually to the outstanding recruit(s) for their performance during their probationary period.

Firefighter Hayden Holland – In 2021, Golden Fire Department provided a full fire academy for 21 recruits. The recruits spent 588 hours training on Wednesday and Thursday evenings in addition, they spent all day nearly every Saturday running drills. Out of the 21 recruits, 20 graduated from the time-consuming academy. Each year, the recruits select one person who is outstanding for their performance during their probationary period. In 2021 Haden Holland was selected as GFD’s Recruit of the Year. Holland was always at training and very supportive of his fellow recruits. Recruit Holland completed his task books without being asked and focus on continual improvement.

Hayden Holland receives a GFD Recruit of the Year award. his Probationary

Jack Harvey Award

The Jack Harvey Award is presented to an individual who demonstrates commitment to the profession beyond the regular duties for the Golden Fire Department, either locally, countrywide or regionally.

Engineer Rocco Snart, nominated by his peers, was selected for the Jack Harvey Award for refining and presenting the curriculum for S390 fire behavior training, beginning with GFD. In addition, Rocco is working on the development team for the Colorado Multi-Mission Aircraft program, has contributed as a board member for the All-Hazards Incidents Management Association and the National Wildfire Coordination Group fire behavior subcommittee. Chief Stricker commented as he presented the award, “Lastly and most notably, for [Engineer Snart’s] servant leadership in volunteering for the Joe’s Volunteer Fire Department when they needed it most to grieve in the wildfire Line Of Duty Death (LODD) of one of their members.”

Rocco Snart receives his award from Chief Jerry Stricker

Award of Honor

The Award of Honor is given to a department member who has performed outstanding service to the GFD or to the public safety of the community with regard to fire, emergency medical services, fire and life safety, public education, or administrative services.

Lieutenant Jason Mulari received the Award of Honor for his passion and commitment as the Golden Fire EMS Coordinator, guiding personnel through the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic as well as his continued support of EMS training. Jason continues working in onboarding, training, and integrating the GFD’s newest EMS transport partner, Stadium Medical. In addition, Lieutenant Mulari has show great commitment and support of the GFD Driver Operator training and certification program.

Jason Mulari receives his award from Chief Jerry Stricker

Engineer JJ Risch received the 2021 Award of Honor for her dedication to behind-the-scenes work. Chief Stricker noted that “[Engineer Risch] is a go-to member for continued shift coverage.” In addition, she offers “consistent call response for simultaneous calls or additional resources needed.” She is constantly improving rescue operations, supporting community outreach and city special events. Lastly, Risch takes on the thankless job of providing station drinks, kitchen supplies and other related items as needed.

JJ Risch receives her award from Chief Jerry Stricker

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is given to a department member based on performance of assigned duties that have been carried out in an outstanding or superior manner.

Firefighter Brittnie Weiler received the 2021 Award of Merit for her commitments to the Golden Fire Department by volunteering nearly 2000 hours in support of the department’s customer service goals and mission. In 2021, Weiler completed 148 shifts where her skills and abilities on many significant incidents were demonstrated. Also, Brittnie was a mentor to new GFD members and assisted setting them up for success by leading probationary task book checks and EMS training. Chief Stricker concluded at the virtual banquet, “Leaders help lead at all levels in a quality organization and [Firefighter Brittnie Weiler] is one of them.”

Brittnie Weiler receives her award from Chief Jerry Stricker
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