GFD Awards

GFD Award winners for 2019

Lt. Jeffrey HulseFirefighter of the Year

The Firefighter of the Year is awarded to an outstanding firefighter that has demonstrated their commitment through call participation in emergencies, meetings, training, fundraising and work detail. The firefighter’s actions must have represented the best characteristics of a Golden Firefighter.

Lieutenant Jeffrey Hulse – Lt. Hulse has participated in the Build Golden Project, led the SAFER Grant Writing Team, has been the main liaison between the GFD and Jeffcom, handles all department technology issues, and is the President of Local 5080, earning record funds in this year’s Fill the Boot Campaign.

Jack Harvey Award

The Jack Harvey Award is presented to an individual who demonstrates commitment to the profession beyond the regular duties for the Golden Fire Department, either locally, countrywide or regionally.

Firefighter Tony Orlando

Award of Honor

The Award of Honor is given to a department member who has performed outstanding service to the GFD or to the public safety of the community with regard to fire, emergency medical services, fire and life safety, public education, or administrative services .

Inspector Jonathan Priestly – Inspector Priestly worked all year to ensure the safety of the Golden community in a number of ways. He coordinated the Family Promise program, which delivers food and fire safety education to low income families. He also coordinated the 10th Annual GFD Fire Safety Open House, as well as numerous Sound the Alarm Smoke Alarm Canvassing Events, all while managing his inspection load, fire investigation responsibilities and support of daily operations.

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is given to a department member based on performance of assigned duties that have been carried out in an outstanding or superior manner.

Captain Benjamin Moline – Captain Moline has been involved in fire academy training, swift water training, writing a federal grant for equipment, coordinating the pancake breakfast, and coordinating the acquisition of an UTV which allows the GFD to respond more effectively to swift water and technical rescues and special events.  In addition, he has developed the training program for this vehicle while coordinating the buildout of the UTV. Along with all of this work Captain Moline has responded to calls, attended trainings and meetings, served as a voice on the Fire Department Pension Board, and effectively led his team of firefighters.

Safety Award

The Safety Award is given to a department member for an exemplary act or accomplishment by a department member with regard to the safety of other department members.

Kyle Raley, GFD Mechanic – Kyle Raley works tirelessly to maintain GFD fleet, tools and equipment in order to ensure the safety of firefighters when they respond to calls. He can rebuild damaged tools, reconfigure trucks to improve efficiency, and goes the extra mile to ensure team safety every single day.

Fire Chief’s Award of Distinction

The Fire Chief’s Award of Distinction is awarded to a department member, city employee, member of the community or other citizen for outstanding performance in their duties or actions taken that directly impact and support the mission of the fire department.

Charlotte Hecht & Brandon Reynolds, Denver University – These students worked with GFD on multiple projects including data collection and analysis, research and best practice development of the Live-in Firefighter Pilot program, and budget tracking support.

Citizen Commendation Awards

Citizen Commendations are awarded to a citizen or group who provide assistance to the fire department in a meritorious or non-meritorious nature.

  • Golden Young Professionals President, RaQwin Young and her team – Did fundraising for GFD Fire Station 24, canvassed along-side members of the fire department in the Sound the Alarm Campaign, supported the Go Go Goosetown 5k run and festival, and provided dinner for the team at a business meeting.
  • Ty Christensen, Colorado School of Mines – Designed, developed and implemented a web-based tracking system for member service requirements.
  • Bob Vanourek – Worked for almost a year designing, developing and delivering a leadership enhancement program to GFD’s officer core.

Probationary Firefighter of the Year

This award goes to an outstanding probationary member from the class of 2019 during their first year of service.

Firefighter Brittany Weiler

Training Division Appreciation Award Winners

The Training Division Appreciation is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated “Commitment to the Training and Safety of Golden Fire Department Members.”

Engineer Joe Vogel
Engineer Matt Finley
Firefighter Lori Brill

Training Division Service Award

Firefighter Will Watts
Chief Bob Burrell

Training Certificates of Appreciation

Certificates of Appreciation recognize members of the Golden Fire Department for completing more than 100 hours of training in 2019.

Captain Neville Dewitt-Pierrat
Captain Tina Gustafson
Captain Dan Roozen
Captain Rocco Snart

Lieutenant Ryan Smith
Lieutenant Marina Valenzuela

Engineer Andrew Crawford
Engineer Matt Finley
Engineer Cody Kalb
Engineer JJ Risch
Engineer Will Watts

Firefighter Lori Brill
Firefighter Kyle Diethorn
Firefighter Matt Felix
Firefighter Jacob Harris
Firefighter Scott Hofmann
Firefighter Ryan Hyde
Firefighter Andrew Impson
Firefighter Hunter King
Firefighter Stas Koptev
Firefighter Jason Miller
Firefighter Tony Orlando
Firefighter John Templeton
Firefighter Joe Trujillo
Firefighter Scott Vigil

Mechanic Kyle Raley
Deputy Fire Marshall Katie Quintana

2019 Overview of GFD Accomplishments

  • Developed and delivered the Volunteer Fire Lieutenants Assessment Center.
  • Applied for and were awarded a SAFER Grant for 4 career firefighter positions.
  • Applied for and were awarded the Diversity and Inclusion Grant through IAFC which provided a cultural assessment of GFD and educational opportunities for our members.
  • Developed Build Golden with GFD members, CSM and DU students to analyze data and presented our findings to City Council.
  • Developed an apparatus replacement plan and recently received a utility truck, replacement for Brush 21, and a utility vehicle for creek and tech rescue response.
  • Retained additional wellness equipment and launched Functional Fitness Fridays.
  • Worked closely with Jeffcom to improve relations and daily operations with our dispatch provider.
  • Completed multiple trainings to include EMS skills, active shooter, ice rescue, water rescue, technical rescue, auto extrication, Blue Card, and so many more.
  • Launched the Fire Station 24 Live-in Firefighter Program Pilot.
  • Procured individual body armor for each GFD member.
  • Hired Lisa Drummond as our Fire Academy Coordinator.
  • Graduated Class 23 garnering 14 outstanding probationary firefighters.
  • Completed the 10-month GFD Leadership Development Program through Triple Crown Leadership facilitated by Bob Venture.
  • Processed two classes of Lateral Firefighters, garnering 10 talented and experienced firefighters.
  • Developed committees to assess apparatus, stipend policy, uniforms, technology and equipment needs.
  • Conducted comprehensive reviews of our EMS, mutual and auto aid agreements and have improved our response capability.
  • Completed and published the GFD Core Values (Integrity, Loyalty, Accountability, Service, and Trust). Along with purpose, vision and mission statements.
  • Admin staff training academy for Kyle and Katie.
  • Completed the Fire Station 24 remodel which will allow for more consistent personnel staff on the south end of town.
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 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
a gold prospector who arrived in Jefferson County in 1858.

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