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In April, 2017, the City of Golden launched a neighborhood planning process to help the city understand the needs and concerns of the neighborhoods adjacent to the Colorado School of Mines Campus. This City-driven process was not intended to address the arrangement of various University uses within the campus boundaries. Rather, the focus was on the relationship of the campus as a whole to the community, and the interface of campus boundaries with nearby residential, commercial, cultural and recreational uses.

City Council and staff continue to seek specific input and recommendations as to how the relationship of the buildings and uses along the edges of campus can meet the University’s needs while respecting and enhancing the physical and social relationship with adjacent neighbors. The final outcome of the public process is to provide a Colorado School of Mines Neighborhood Report to City Council for consideration in developing an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Colorado School of Mines.

Two neighborhood open houses have been held in conjunction with Colorado School of Mines staff with great resident attendance and feedback, the most recent on June 14. Summaries of feedback received and survey data gathered as of June 14 is available for review.

Colorado School of Mines

CSM Neighborhood Report

CSM Input Neighborhoods

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 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
a gold prospector who arrived in Jefferson County in 1858.

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