The Golden Police Department pages have moved!

The Golden Police Department has launched a new website at Goldenpolice.net, providing the Golden community a more effective way to help fight crime and stay informed. From now on, you’ll find all the information once available here on the city website available at Goldenpolice.net.

Developed in partnership with CRIMEWATCH Technologies, the new website is part of the CRIMEWATCH Network, a communications platform developed specifically for law enforcement agencies. CRIMEWATCH offers many new features that will help the public stay involved with safety in their neighborhoods, and strengthen the already great partnership our PD has with the community.

Visit Goldenpolice.net to do any of the following:

  • Sign up for a free account to receive e-mail alerts regarding crime committed in certain areas.
  • Submit a tip to local law enforcement.
  • View recent arrests and “most wanted” lists.
  • Register camera and alarm systems.
  • Share information with others through social media.
  • Get connected with resources and services.

You can also download CRIMEWATCH Mobile from the Apple App Store or Android App Store to connect quickly and easily with your mobile device.

Golden Police Department is the second Colorado agency to go live on the CRIMEWATCH Network. Visit Goldenpolice.net and let us know what you think!

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 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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