Police InvestigationsContact: Sgt. Chad St. Aubin
(303) 384-8099

The Investigations Unit of the Golden Police Department is responsible for the investigation of crimes committed within the City. The unit is responsible for preparing thorough cases to present to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

The unit is staffed by a Detective Sergeant, four investigators, and one investigator assigned to the West Metro Drug Task Force.

The investigations unit is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and investigators also rotate through an on-call schedule. The unit also oversees the Property and Evidence Unit.


Officers assigned to patrol are responsible for responding to all calls for service within the city.

Officers are divided among three different shifts, called watches, and two teams. Officers assigned to Team A work Sunday through Wednesday. Officers assigned to Team B work Wednesday through Saturday. The overlap day allows time for officer training.

Watch Sergeants

Sgt Phil Morgan
Sgt Steven Holmes
Sgt Matt Porter
Sgt Denise Mehnert
Sgt Ryan Custer
Sgt Doug Allen

Code Enforcement

Contact: Jenny Lepro or Jamie Segal
(303) 384-8048

Code Enforcement refers to laws designed to control nuisances pertaining to health and sanitation. The objective of code enforcement is to improve the appearance of the City of Golden and enhance the quality of life for its citizens.Areas of Enforcement

  • Control of animals
  • Assisting with wildlife complaints
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Weeds
  • Trash dumpsters and enclosures
  • Miscellaneous nuisance complaints
  • Snow removal compliance*

*The owner or occupant of a private residence or business is responsible for the removal of snow from the sidewalks adjacent to their property no later than 24 hours after the cessation of the snowfall.  This Ordinance, 11.08.140, is in place to maintain the safety of our residents and visitors as they travel around the city by foot.


Contacts: Amanda Cordova or Kali Aulston
(303) 384-8044

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for storing and safeguarding evidence, found property, and property for safekeeping. The unit is also responsible for assisting in major crime scenes when requested, processing lab requests, and arranging for viewing and release of property. The unit maintains all records relating to property, preparing evidence for court needs and otherwise disposing of property as appropriate.

Property Release

An appointment is required in order to view or pick up property for the police department. Please contact Amanda Cordova or Kali Aulston to schedule an appointment.



The Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) is a select group of deputies and support staff from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and the Arvada, Edgewater, and Golden police departments. SWAT is utilized in high-risk incidents in which disciplined teamwork, specialized weapons, and tactical skills are required, such as incidents involving barricaded subjects or hostages. The tactical element of SWAT is made up of highly-trained, specially equipped deputies, along with three K-9 teams. The support element of SWAT includes hostage negotiators, dispatchers and support deputies. The SWAT team also trains JCSO deputies in Rapid and Immediate Deployment (RAID) tactics.The Golden Police Department currently has the following assigned to the Jefferson County SWAT Team:

  • Two officer assigned as SWAT team members.
  • Reserve Officer assigned as a SWAT team paramedic.

K-9 Unit

K-9 UnitContact: Officer Bob Wilson
(303) 384-8072

The K-9 Unit’s primary functions are to respond to calls of incidents with armed, dangerous or fleeing suspects, tracking missing persons or suspects, crowd control, building searches, searches for articles and evidence and public demonstrations.

Traffic Enforcement

Contact: Sgt. Marcus Williams
(303) 384-8116

The Traffic Unit’s goal is to create a safe driving environment for motorists in and around the City of Golden. The Traffic Unit will continue to aggressively enforce the traffic laws of the City and State to ensure the citizens of Golden will be as safe as possible.

The City of Golden has adopted the Colorado State Model Traffic code. Golden Police Department enforces traffic laws in accordance with the Model Traffic Code as adopted by council with the modifications put forward in title 10 of the Golden municipal code. Please refer to the Municipal Court Fee Schedule pdf download for a current list of traffic violation fines.

Traffic EnforcementThe Unit supports Resolution #1793 pdf download of the city-wide sustainability goals to “increase the ability of Golden residents and visitors to travel to and through Golden using alternative transportation.” The department works to accomplish this by doing our part as a traffic enforcement and educational unit, making the City more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

Traffic Unit members are responsible for accident reconstruction, DUI reduction, traffic monitoring for aggressive drivers, education, and ancillary projects with the goal of reducing accidents. The department continues to conduct Port of Entry checkpoints for commercial vehicle safety regulations and weight compliance.The department is involved with the education of Golden Officers in the area of traffic enforcement, accident investigation, and DUI detection. The Traffic Unit is also involved in community events and enforcement periods, including the following:

  • National Night Out
  • Buffalo Bill Days
  • Golden Super Cruise
  • 4th of July
  • Buckle Up Colorado
  • LEAF grant Enforcement
  • Colorado Check Point

Reserve Officers

Contact: Sgt Ryan Custer
(303) 384-8193

The Golden Police Department Reserve Unit is made up of concerned, dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and talents to assist the department in delivering day-to-day services. The program recognizes the volunteer as a valuable resource for the department and the community. Reserve Officers embody the concept that law enforcement is the responsibility of every citizen. Every Reserve Officer must complete a field training program, which will provide them the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of assignments throughout the department, including patrol, investigations, and administrative services.

Reserve Officers perform at least ten hours of volunteer service each month and attend a mandatory monthly training meeting. They will to work as partners with full-time officers and detectives, but can be called upon for special assignments such as parades, traffic control, special events, crime scenes, security and other duties.

Golden Police Department Reserve Officers are certified peace officers and are bound by the Oath of Office and policies and procedures of the Golden Police Department. Reserve applicants must meet all of the same basic requirements as applicants for full-time, commissioned positions. All Reserve Officer applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Be 21 years of age
  • Have at least 60 hours of college credit
  • Have weight proportional to height
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Successfully completed a POST academy (Reserve academies are not accepted)
  • Have no felony convictions
  • Possess the qualities of honesty, maturity, self-discipline, and good judgment
  • Ability to work two special events during the year (One must be 4th of July and/or Buffalo Bill Days.)
  • Be able to provide all their own equipment including weapon (Glock 17 or Glock 34 required), body armor basket weave belt and accessories. The department will provide uniform shirt and pants.

All applicants who meet the basic qualifications must successfully complete the application process, which includes a polygraph or Computerized Voice Stress Analysis, a psychological exam, and an oral board interview. Applicants accepted into the program will be provided with approved basic training. After working enough volunteer hours, reserve officers may be eligible to apply to the field-training program to work in a solo capacity. If you meet all of the qualifications and would like to apply, or if you desire more information, please contact the Reserve Coordinator.

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