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All Projects Updated 11/5/2019

The Linking Lookout project received an Environmental Excellence Award from the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) last week in Minneapolis. This is a biennial award from FHWA and Golden’s project was one of 12 national award winners from over 150 applicants.  Anne Beierle, Deputy Director of Public Works, accepted the award.


FHWA folks from right to left: Emily Biondi, Director, Office of Project Development and Environmental Review, FHWA; Shari Schaftlein, Director, Office of Human Environment, FHWA; Anne Beierle, City of Golden; Damaris Santiago, Team Leader, Project Mitigation Team, FHWA; Heather Holsinger, Office of Natural Environment, FHWA

APWA Award

The City of Golden was awarded a Public Works Project Award in the 2019 Transportation for Small Community category by the Colorado Chapter of the American Public Works Association for the North Washington Complete Streets Project. The Project Team consists of City Staff, John Hardy, Joe Puhr, and Melissa Crocker;  design consulatants and construction managers.

 Engineering Division

The division is  assisting a CSM Freshman Design Group in the testing of an idea to use recycled asphalt (millings) in asphalt overlay applications. The millings were screened and incorporated into an asphalt sealant product in an attempt to improve durability and friction factor for skid resistance. The test section was installed in the Ulysses Ball Field parking lot and will be monitored for the remainder of the project.

CSM Students apply asphaltsealant in preparation for addition of asphalt millings to serve as wear and friction layer.

  • Storm Info 2019-2020
1 10/10/2019 3.0 32.00 0.00 345 IS/S 3.8 22 NO 2 $3,072.59
2 10/23/2019 9.0 67.00 16.00 948 IS/S 27.9 59 YES 3 $8,329.22
3 10/27/2019 7.0 66.50 70.50 1131 IS/S 58.1 103 YES 4 $17,559.01
4 10/29/2019 4.0 112.00 30.00 1462 IS/S 62.7 86 YES 4 $17,331.59
TOTALS 23.0 277.5 116.5 3886.0   152.5 270.0      $ 46,292.41
AVGS. 5.8 69.4 29.1 971.5   38.1 67.5   3.3  $ 11,573.10


 Utility Replacement

Sewer main construction at 9th and Maple to 8th street is completed and concrete and asphalt repairs are scheduled – weather permitting.

Seeding at the CSM survey field and some concrete repairs on Johnson Road still need to be completed on the watermain replacements in those areas.

Please contact Les Major (303) 384 – 8170 if you have any questions.

2019 Street Improvement Program

Paving operations are complete for the year. Here are the highlights:

  • 28 road segments repaved
  • 2 parking lots
  • 1,358,541 square feet of asphalt replaced
  • 18,930 tons of new hot mix asphalt
  • 234 valve boxes and manholes adjusted

Please contact John Hardy (303) 384-8195 if you have any questions.

Concrete Replacement

On Wednesday November 6th, Fasick Concrete will begin work on the intersection of 17th and Washington. Work will consist of modifying all 4 corners of the intersection to improve the pedestrian crossing. Weather dependent, the work is anticipated to take 2 weeks. There will be no detour in place for the duration. Work will take place under single lane closures with flaggers.

Please contact John Hardy (303) 384-8195 if you have any questions.


Street Closures

  • Sept 25 – Nov 21: 14th St from Cheyenne to the alley between Cheyenne and Illinois – construction will impact a parking lane and sidewalk.
  • Oct 1 – Jan 3: Cheyenne St from 8th to 7th – sidewalk will be impacted by new construction on the lot
  • Arapahoe St. between 13th and 14th (in front of Calvary Episcopal Church) has been extended until Oct 26. Due to the construction activity parking spaces will also be lost during this time
  • The closure of 17th between Washington to Jackson for construction staging and access for CSM’s project at 1750 Jackson St has been extended through the end of October
  • Sept 5 – Jan 3: A parking lane at 708 & 710 Cheyenne will be impacted due to construction.
  • October 2 – November 30:  parking lane on Table Drive behind 2127 Vernon Drive will be impacted for construction of residence at 2127 Vernon Drive


COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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