US 6 and 19th Street interchange – Public input meeting September 16, 2014


On April 14, 2013, City staff solicited input on design, construction and communication for the Hwy 6 and 19th Street interchange project. The City used that input to develop several preliminary design concepts, which were then presented at a public open house on July 15, 2014 at the Colorado School of Mines Student Center. Input on those concepts was subsequently collected through August 1 (results available for download below) has resulted in the design modifications for which we are currently soliciting comments.

Four areas where input was solicited

1. Traffic pattern for 19th St. over Hwy 6


Earlier public meetings narrowed down the traffic pattern for 19th Street over Hwy 6. The selected alternative was the free left. This alternative takes advantage of the predominate traffic movement from 19th westbound to US 6 south. By making this the through motion, noise, congestion and delay are minimized. It also minimizes the area needed for the 19th Street roadway. It has non-familiar highway movements, but should be easily learned and navigated.

There is still input needed for the configuration of the onramp from eastbound 19th Street onto westbound Hwy 6. By starting the ramp from westbound 19th to north 6 partway down the hill, that ramp can be lowered so it goes under the lid. This eliminates one road crossing for pedestrians when going to and from the Beverly Heights area and town. The trade off for this is the need to make a u turn at a roundabout that would be placed at Elm St. for people traveling east on 19th who wish to go north on US 6. The time delay would be about the same as waiting for either a gap to make the left turn on to the ramp, or waiting for a light cycle to make the turn.

2. Bridge Architectural Aesthetic Themes

Since Hwy 6 and 19th Street is a main gateway to Golden, two updated different Bridge Architectural Aesthetic Themes were presented based on input at the earlier public meetings.

3. Park Themes

Three park themes were developed. The park themes range from active to more passive, and have variations in landscaping and features.

4. Wall Treatments 

Lowering Hwy 6 will result in walls on both the east and west side of the highway.

Traffic calming

Although traffic calming on 19th Street is not included in this project, 19th Street from Hwy 6 to Smith qualifies for traffic calming. Traffic calming concepts were first presented at the July 2014 meeting.  As a result of public input, the concept plan has been modified and a new option was presented at the September 2014 meeting.

Details about traffic calming can be found by contacting Vince Auriemma at

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