Clear CreekThe City of Golden is committed to managing a proactive Stormwater Program to improve the quality of runoff entering the storm sewer system and receiving streams. The Stormwater Program is regulated by the Clean Water Act under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and is administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The City has been a consistent leader in the implementation of its Stormwater Program under Phase II of the NPDES regulations, understanding the benefits of improving the quality of stormwater runoff beyond the basic level of regulatory compliance.

Drainage Maintenance Program

Contact: Joe Puhr
(303) 384-8115

The primary function of the Drainage Maintenance Program is to ensure proper long-term operation and maintenance of the City’s stormwater infrastructure.

  • Oversees long term maintenance of city-owned storm systems
  • Monitors and oversees maintenance of privately owned storm systems
  • Utilizes GPS technology and spatially accurate maps
  • Maintains asset management system and utilizes mobile technology


Stormwater Program

Contact: Tracey Pond
(303) 384-8188

Stormwater photoThe primary function of the City’s stormwater program is to minimize pollutants transported by stormwater runoff into the storm sewer system and subsequent receiving waters.

  • Provides public education regarding stormwater quality and pollution prevention
  • Administers stormwater quality permits
  • Monitors construction site erosion and sediment control.
  • Assists with response to spills and illegal dumping into the storm sewer system
  • Administers municipal stormwater program in accordance with the Colorado Discharge Permit System Stormwater regulations. A Program Description Document is available to the public for review and comment.

Stormwater Permits

Stormwater Permit Fees
  • Stormwater Quality Permit – $350 for initial permit and SWMP review
  • Stormwater Quality Permit renewal – $125 for annual renewal
  • Stormwater Quality Permit reinspection fee – $40

Construction/Development Resources

Design Criteria


Construction Stormwater Courses

Rocky Mountain Education Center at Red Rocks Community College courses:

  • Stormwater Management and Erosion Control
  • Qualified Stormwater Manager
  • Construction Dewatering
  • Best Management Practices for Construction in Waterway

Associated General Contractors

  • Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program is a voluntary, proactive Stormwater management program recognized by EPA, CDPHE, and AGC/C.
  • Stormwater Training Courses:
    • Basic Construction Stormwater Compliance
    • Advanced Stormwater Manager’s Course

Post-construction Stormwater Courses

Colorado Stormwater Center courses:

  • Permanent Stormwater BMP Inspection and Maintenance
  • Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development Workshop
  • Landscape Contractors – Short Course on Stormwater BMP Maintenance

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Stormwater Program

The City is a designated Qualifying Local Program by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Water Quality Control Division. Construction sites disturbing less than five acres are automatically covered under the State’s Stormwater General Permit for Construction Activities with a City of Golden permit. Sites greater than five acres require a State Stormwater Construction Permit in addition to the City permit.

Spills and Illegal Dumping

It is illegal to discharge anything other than stormwater (rain and snowmelt) into the storm drainage system (streets, gutters, inlets, drainage ways). Some exceptions may apply. For a complete list see Municipal Code 13.30.140.

Call the Police Department at (303) 980-7300 to report illegal dumping activity.

Educational Resources

Water Quality Awareness – Tips and Resources

Pollution Prevention for Businesses – Resources and Fact Sheets

COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

Additional Resources

City of Golden, Colorado
COG Mesa
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