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The Staff Directory automatically sorts alphabetically by department, and alphabetically by last name within each department. To sort the full list alphabetically by last name, just click “Name.” To sort alphabetically by title, click “Title.” You may also use the search function if you know last name, first name, or title. Be certain to scroll to the appropriate field once you’ve typed in your before clicking “go.” You may use the “Show:” box to the right of the search box to only show one department at a time. To restore the list to the original full sort, simply select “All Departments” and “go” at any time.

Name Title Department Phone
Stacy McClure Deputy City Clerk City Clerk 303-384-8015 email
Monica Mendoza City Clerk City Clerk 303-384-8014 email
Carly Lorentz Deputy City Manager City Manager 303-384-8012 email
Jason Slowinski City Manager City Manager 303-384-8010 email
Robin Fleischmann Redevelopment Specialist Community & Economic Development 303-384-8080 email
Rick Muriby Planning Manager & Acting Economic Development Director Community & Economic Development 303-384-8098 email
Theresa Worsham Sustainability Coordinator Community & Economic Development 303-384-8117 email
First Name Last Name Title Department phone number email
Jeff Hansen Finance Director Finance 303-384-8020 email
Jeff Hulse Lieutenant Fire 303-215-8885 email
Jeanette Kehoe Training & Safety Officer Fire 303-215-8888 email
Jason Mulari Lieutenant Fire 303-215-8885 email
Jonathan Priestly Life Safety Technician Fire 303-215-8886 email
Katie Quintana Deputy Fire Marshal Fire 303-215-8887 email
Kyle Raley Fire Mechanic Fire 303-384-8119 email
Marcus Staley Shift Lieutenant Fire 303-277-8733 email
Jeff Steinhoff Lieutenant Fire 303-215-8885 email
Jerry Stricker Deputy Chief / Fire Marshal Fire 303-384-8093 email
Debbie Testroet Administrative Coordinator Fire 303-384-8094 email
Anna Trzeciak Media Services Technician Fire 303-384-8091 email
Alicia Welch Fire Chief Fire 303-384-8090 email
Tom Young Media Services Captain Fire 303-384-8091 email
Joe King Fleet Superintendent Fleet Staff 303-384-8190 email
Rebecca Glover HR Generalist Human Resources 303-215-8899 email
Samantha Laubhan HR Generalist Human Resources 303-215-8891 email
Kristen Meier HR Director Human Resources 303-597-5209 email
Jackie Sidara HR Assistant Human Resources 303-384-8185 email
Jiles McCoy Director of Innovation and Technology IT 303-384-8063 email
Clarissa Cutrell Digital Content Specialist Media & Community Relations 303-384-8103 email
Emily Gedeon Communications and Community Engagement Manager Media & Community Relations 303-384-8132 email
Julie Adkins Recreation Supervisor Parks & Recreation 303-384-8196 email
Nick Borgeson Assistant Golf Professional Parks & Recreation 303-277-8753 email
Beau Bressler Athletics Coordinator Parks & Recreation 303-384-8194 email
Jay Feeney Assistant Manager of Cemetery Parks & Recreation 303-279-1435 email
Adam Finch 1st Assistant Golf Professional Parks & Recreation 303-277-8751 email
Tye Garner Parks Division Supervisor Parks & Recreation 303-384-8140 email
Jim Hajek Fossil Trace Head Golf Professional Parks & Recreation 303-277-8752 email
Brian Harris Athletic Supervisor Parks & Recreation 303-384-8125 email
William Iannopollo Forestry Supervisor Parks & Recreation 303-384-8141 email
Keith Isenberger Facilities Manager Parks & Recreation 303-384-8121 email
Angela Kohman Recreation Supervisor - Wellness & General Programs Parks & Recreation 303-384-8159 email
Kristi Marosy Recreation Supervisor - Guest Services Parks & Recreation 303-384-8123 email
Chad Meinert Parks, Forestry & Cemetery Manager Parks & Recreation 303-384-8122 email
Becky Richmond Recreation Manager Parks & Recreation 303-384-8122 email
Troy Rodriquez Assistant Cemetery Manager Parks & Recreation 303-279-1435 email
Marie Schmidt Clear Creek RV Park Manager Parks & Recreation 303-278-1437 email
Doug Skiba Development & Communications Coordinator Parks & Recreation 303-384-8718 email
Noy Sparks Golf Course Superintendent Parks & Recreation 303-277-8741 email
Shawn Sprenger Parks Division Supervisor Parks & Recreation 303-384-8174 email
Betsy Sweet Recreation Supervisor - Aquatics Parks & Recreation 303-384-8143 email
Rod Tarullo Parks & Recreation Director Parks & Recreation 303-384-8120 email
Katie Tuesta Aquatics Coordinator Parks & Recreation 303-384-8131 email
Stacy Turner Parks & Rec Exec Assistant - Dept Liaison Parks & Recreation 303-384-8191 email
Kim Walter Recreation Coordinator - Data Management Parks & Recreation 303-384-8127 email
Douglas Allen Sergeant Police 303-384-8060 email
Frank Barr Officer Police 303-384-8075 email
Ryan Beale Officer Police 303-277-8738 email
Austin Beck Sergeant Police 303-384-8079 email
Nathan Brown Officer Police 303-472-9173 email
John Bulman Officer Police 303-277-8709 email
Michael Ciavatta Officer Police 303-384-8072 email
Tobie Cleveland Officer Police 303-4958674 email
Kathy Cline Records Specialist Police 303-384-8035 email
Amanda Cordova Criminalist Police 303-384-8044 email
Ryan Custer Sergeant Police 303-384-8193 email
Mary Dale Records Specialist Police 303-384-8035 email
Alissa Darrow Records Manager Police 303-384-8038 email
Mark Derham Accreditation & Training Coordinator Police 303-384-8084 email
Mark Donohue Sergeant Police 303-384-8053 email
Latara Durand Criminalist Police 303-384-8044 email
Nicco Fanelli-Poole Officer Police 303-277-8725 email
Christian Farris Officer Police 303-277-8780 email
Justin Ferraro Code Enforcement Officer Police 303-384-8048 email
Jodene Fowler Officer Police 303-384-8073 email
Justin Garcia Officer Police 303-384-8135 email
Guy Garner Officer Police 303-384-8066 email
Bethany Grusing Recruit Police 303-902-2712 email
Steven Guess Officer Police 303-215-8872 email
Steven Gurule Recruit Police 720-656-9521 email
Derek Hall Officer Police 303-215-8874 email
McKenzie Hammernik Officer Police 303-913-4269 email
Joe Harvey Deputy Chief Police 303-384-8030 email
Michael Hendershot Captain Police 303-384-8032 email
Shawn Henslee Officer Police 303-215-8875 email
Denise Hish Administrative Assistant Police 303-384-8106 email
Sean Horne Officer Police 303-916-7891 email
Dan Hyde Officer Police 303-277-8746 email
Jason Isenhart Records Specialist Police 303-384-8035 email
Merritt Johnson Officer Police 303-277-8778 email
Aden Jones Officer Police 303-384-8040 email
William Kilpatrick Police Chief Police 303-384-8033 email
Corky Kloberdance Officer Police 303-384-8065 email
Adam Lanning Officer Police 303-384-8168 email
Jacob Lizakowski Officer Police 303-384-8105 email
Jodie Marquez Administrative Assistant Police 303-384-8031 email
Denise Mehnert Sergeant Police 303-384-8114 email
Parker Moody Officer Police 303-277-8776 email
Phil Morgan Sergeant Police 303-384-8071 email
Trevor Novak Officer Police 303-384-8041 email
Joe Page Officer Police 303-384-8062 email
Anne Pike Officer Police 303-277-8775 email
Matt Porter Sergeant Police 303-384-8059 email
Brian Radulovich Officer Police 303-215-8861 email
Chris Reichert Parking Enforcement Police 303-384-8085 email
Ben Salentine Sergeant Police 303-277-8731 email
Shams Sayed Officer Police 303-277-8789 email
Cody Schroeder Officer Police 303-277-8708 email
Gretchen Schroeder Officer Police 303-384-8035 email
Jamie Segal Special Enforcement Supervisor Police 303-384-8048 email
Stephanie Sipes Officer Police 303-277-8774 email
Kris Stevenson Officer Police 303-277-8722 email
Raoul Stoian Officer Police 303-277-8798 email
Alex Vasquez Code Enforcement Officer Police 303-384-8048 email
James Wader Officer Police 303-277-8783 email
Brian Wilkson PT Parking Officer Police 303-384-8085 email
Marcus Williams Sergeant Police 303-384-8116 email
Drew Williams Captain Police 303-384-8074 email
Nathan Wolfe Criminalist Police 303-384-8044 email
Adam Zutman Officer Police 303-384-8050 email
Dan Hartman Public Works Director Public Works 303-384-8150 email

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