Heart of Golden 2020 kick-off videoThe legacy project, Heart of Golden 2020, kicked off with a public workshop and tours of the land available for redevelopment in December. Couldn’t make it? Not a problem! We have eight more feedback workshops scheduled for public engagement. First will be two Visioning Workshops where we imagine the possibilities. Next we will have two Refining Workshops where we look at options and decide what we like, what’s missing from each plan, and how the ideas can be improved. Following that are two Funding Workshops where we look at how the top options would be paid for. Finally, two Selecting Workshops will tackle the task of choosing an option to move forward with and creating a Clear Creek Corridor that will make future generations proud. Check out this new video for an introduction to the project. You can find all other background documents and details at www.GuidingGolden.com.

The first Visioning Workshop happens Wednesday, January 29 at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, 911 10th Street. This workshop will begin with a project update and will have a feedback activity, which will allow direct community comments and suggestions.

The key questions for the community to address at this workshop are as follows:

  • What does your dream corridor look like?
  • What uses would you like to see and where?
  • What uses are most important to you?

We encourage you to join us in person, but you don’t need to wait until then to share your vision. You can give us your ideas at ANY time on GuidingGolden.com.