Golden Housing Data

The median household income in Golden has increased 20% between the years 2000 and 2015.

Median employment earnings for the population over 16 years of age increased slightly less than 1% during the same period.

Median Household Income Census Data

Household Incomes in Golden

Golden Income distribution
(2015 Census Data)

Hourly Wages & Income Categories

Below are the approximate hourly wages for both a single person and the combined hourly wage for a 2 person household and the corresponding annual income category supported by those hourly wages:

Extremely Low Income
Very Low Income
Low Moderate Income
Middle Income

Housing Affordability Gaps

With the cost of both rental and for-sale housing increasing much faster than household incomes or wages, the result is a gap between what different households can reasonably afford and what is available in both the community as well as the region. The graphic illustrates the gap between what is affordable to low, moderate and middle income Golden households and market rents or sale prices.

Housing Affordability Gaps
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 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
a gold prospector who arrived in Jefferson County in 1858.

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