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Buy GoldenThe Buy Golden program encourages area residents, employees and visitors to patronize and support local merchants, restaurants, attractions, and service businesses. When we patronize our Golden businesses, we all benefit in many ways.

Visit GoldenWhat are local businesses? All shops and services, not limited to locally-owned or independent, are considered local, and shopping at any of them benefits Golden. See listings of shopping, dining, lodging, and services available at

Why Buy Golden?

Shop GoldenWhen you patronize local establishments you make a positive impact on our community. Here are just five of the benefits of shopping in Golden:

  1. Local Economy – Doing business in Golden keeps Golden strong and re-circulates the money you spend in the local economy. Jobs are created and revenues increase for residents, companies, and local governments.
  2. Community Care – Local entrepreneurs are connected to our community. They are more likely to support our efforts, donate goods, and volunteer their time.
  3. Environment – Golden offers abundant free parking spaces, making it easy to shop locally. No need to waste time and gas driving anywhere else.
  4. Golden Merchants Value and Reward You for Having Fun – Take the Coors Brewery tour or attend one of Golden’s numerous special events where you can snag a Golden Ticket good for cash prizes or discounts up to 20%.
  5. Local Flavor – How many towns offer such a variety of art galleries, restaurants, museums, or stores for clothing, jewelry, kayaking and outdoor gear all within a few miles of each other?
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 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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