Housing Policies & Regulations

Community Housing Policies

Through City Council and Planning Commission reviews of the Golden Vision 2030 Guiding Principles pdf icon, the City developed community housing policy guidance, which was incorporated into Golden’s Comprehensive Plan (chapter 4) pdf icon.

The policy guidance is designed to support the complex network of solutions that will be needed to preserve the economic diversity of our community, and support future programs. The guidelines are organized through three different approaches: 

  • Community Housing Goals 
  • Regulatory & Financial Support Strategies 
  • Housing Program & Partnership Opportunities 

The community housing policy guidance provided by the adopted Comprehensive Plan is an important step in developing meaningful strategies and programs that will help ensure that Golden can continue its proud tradition of being a small town that nurtures and values its residents throughout their lives. 

Housing Regulations

In addition to adopting supportive policies and establishing goals and strategies for achieving affordable and attainable housing, local governments can use their regulatory authority to:

  • Remove existing barriers.
  • Create incentives.
  • Require participation.

In January 2023, an Affordable Housing Committee was appointed by the City Manager to review the Housing Needs and Strategies Assessment and provide recommendations to City Council.

The Committee brought forward ten recommendations to help remove barriers to developing affordable housing in May 2023.

COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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