Linking Lookout logoIf you have questions, we have answers! The most frequently asked questions asked are listed below. But if we don’t have the answer you’re looking for, please call us on the Linking Lookout hotline at (303) 277-8777, leave a message, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

General Questions

Q: When will construction start?

A: Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2016.

Q: How long will construction last?

A: Approximately 18 months. Construction should be complete by September 2017.

Q: How can we get information about the project?

A: Right here online is the best place to start. www.LinkingLookout.com will take you to these pages.

Q: Who can we call if there are problems?

A: A hotline has been set up for the project:  (303) 277-8777.

Q: Will we be able to get through the intersection or will we have to detour around it?

A: You will be able to drive through the intersection during the project. You should expect delays on both US 6 and 19th Street.

Q: Will we be able to get across US 6 to the Beverly Heights neighborhood?

A: Yes. There will always be access into and out of the Beverly Heights neighborhood across US 6. You should expect some delays.

Q: Why are we building a park and not just a bridge?

A: It is a goal of the project not just to improve traffic and pedestrian safety, but to also make sure that the Beverly Heights neighborhood remains connected to Golden east of US 6.

Q: Will construction on Washington Avenue north of Hwy 58 happen at the same time?

A: No. Construction on the complete streets project on Washington Avenue is scheduled for 2017 and is expected to start after this project is complete.

Q: How much will the project cost and who is paying for it?

A: The intersection will cost $25 million. CDOT is contributing 80 percent, up to $20 million; CSM is contributing land plus $1 million; the City is contributing $4 million.

Q: Will the bike path along US 6 stay open?

A: No. Trail users will be detoured onto Illinois Street and around the project.

Q: Will I be able to walk across US 6 at 19th Street?

A: Yes. The contractor will be required to maintain pedestrian access along 19th Street across US 6.

Q: Can I still ride up Lookout Mountain on my bike?

A: Yes. The contractor will be required to maintain bicycle access along 19th Street across US 6. Cycling events that include an ascent up Lookout Mountain will not be possible during construction.

Q: Will there be any night work?

A: Night work will be avoided. There will be night work when the storm sewer is installed across US 6. Notice of this work will occur at least one week before it occurs and should only take one or two nights.

Q: Will there be any road closures?

A: There is only one anticipated closure at this time. US 6 between Hwy 58 and Heritage Road will be closed overnight when the storm sewer is installed across US 6. Notice of this work will occur at least one week before it occurs and should only take one or two nights. Lane closures may occur during the project.

Q: What is the best alternate route?

A: If you are trying to get through Golden going north/south, it may be easier to take I-70 to SH 58 to SH 93. Access into Golden from US 6 on Ulysses, Johnson Road, SH 58 and Washington Ave. may be alternatives depending on your final destination.

Q: Will emergency vehicles still be able to get to my house?

A: Yes. Golden PD and Fire are familiar with the project and may take alternate routes to avoid the intersection, but they will be able to respond to all emergency calls.

Q: What will the contractor do about noise and dust?

A: The contractor will use best practices including water trucks to cut dust. Night work will be avoided so that there will not be noise disturbing the nearby residences at night.

Q: How will the project impact public transportation?

A: The 16, 16L and GS bus lines do not go through the US 6 and 19th intersection on their routes through Golden, and service will not be directly impacted. Light rail service will also not be directly impacted.

Q: How will the project impact special events?

A: Most special events, particularly those downtown, will be unaffected. Cycling events that include an ascent up Lookout Mountain will not be possible during construction.

Questions from January 28 Community Meeting

Q. How will the wildlife crossing be affected by construction for Linking Lookout?

A. The wildlife crossing is south of the construction project, so there will not be any impacts to it. It was also determined that the new traffic alignment after construction will not impact the crossing significantly. However, not related to Linking Lookout, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is committed to making improvements to the crossing including changes to lighting and vegetation maintenance. CDOT has also discussed an overpass near Kenneys Run as a potential long term improvement. You can find out more about the wildlife crossing here.

Q. What will be done for noise and dust mitigation?

A. Typical work hours for construction are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. There may be occasional work on Saturday to make up for weather days and stay on schedule. Night work will be avoided so not to disturb nearby neighborhoods. However, one overnight closure is expected to install a storm sewer across US 6. The community will receive advance notification of this night work.

The contractor will use best practices, including having a water truck on site full time, to cut back on dust.

Q. What will be the speed limit in the construction zone, and will it be enforced?

A. The speed limit on US 6 will be reduced from 55 m.p.h. to 45 m.p.h. during construction. Golden Police stated that the reduced speed limit will be strictly enforced. All law enforcement agencies in the area are aware of the project.

Q. Will sound walls be constructed as part of the project?

A. No. However, when City Council approved the project, they required that noise levels be monitored at homes west of US 6 and at the sorority and fraternity houses on the CSM campus. If noise levels exceed Golden’s noise criteria after construction, Council committed to construction of sound walls to mitigate noise. The noise mitigation study and modeling results for the project can be found here along with the application Council approved for the project.

Q. Will 19th Street be open during roundabout construction?

A. Yes. 19th Street will remain open during construction. Elm Street, however, will be closed.

Q. Will the ramps be a single lane while it is the detour for US 6?

A. No. The ramps will carry two lanes of traffic during construction. When the new, lowered portion of US 6 is opened, the ramps will be reduced to one lane for on-bound and off-bound traffic.

Q. Will the ramps be large enough for fire trucks to pass cars during construction?

A. Yes. The ramps will have two eleven foot lanes plus 2 foot shoulders during construction and one fifteen foot lane plus at least 2.5 foot shoulders (usually 4 or 7 feet) in their permanent configuration.

Q. Will there be enough light for students crossing US 6 during construction?

A. There will be lighting at both the traffic lights during construction. There will be more lighting after construction than exists now, including along 19th Street east of US 6.

Q. Will the improvements on 19th Street west of US 6 still happen?

A. Yes. Council has budgeted money for traffic calming on 19th Street between US 6 and Smith Road in 2016. However, this is a separate project from the interchange and we will seek public input before getting started. Expect a public meeting on design and schedule this spring.

Q. What about the US 6 Regional Trail?

A. The trail will be closed between Illinois Street and the Clear Creek Trail starting on February 8th. The trail will be detoured to Illinois Street. The trail will not reopen until the project is complete.

Q. What about bike and pedestrian access to Lookout Mountain?

A. Pedestrians and bikes will be able to access Lookout Mountain. The construction contractor is required to maintain access along 19th Street across US 6, but cycling events that include an ascent up Lookout Mountain will not be possible during construction.

Q. What will happen to the Chimney Gulch/Hang glider dirt parking lot?

A. The lot will be open during construction. A detention pond will be constructed next to the parking lot, so there will be construction activity near the site.

Q. What will be done to improve the pedestrian crossing on 19th?

A. A new crosswalk will be constructed east of the roundabout on Elm Street for students. The crossing will include a center island and flashing lights. Medians along 19th Street will be installed to discourage crossing west of the crosswalk.

Q. Will there be excavation equipment and blasting to remove materials from US 6?

A. There will be excavation equipment and trucks. No blasting is expected. Approximately 118,000 cubic yards of material will need to be removed to lower US 6. 

Q. Will construction limit access to certain areas for emergency responders?

A. Emergency responders will have access through the construction zone and will be able to respond to all emergency calls. Golden’s police and fire departments are familiar with the project and may take alternate routes to avoid the intersection.

Q. How big is the roundabout at Elm?  Is it large enough for fire trucks?

A. Yes. 19th Street has no weight limitations and is expected to accommodate all vehicles, regardless of size. The roundabout will have a drive over apron for the largest vehicles we expect, such as fire trucks.

Q. I am impressed with the communication so far. Will it continue during construction?

A. This website (www.LinkingLookout.com) will remain updated during construction and will have a webcam for real time data by the time traffic detours onto the ramps. Subscribe to the City’s weekly email newsletter for weekly updates and follow @LinkingLookout on Twitter for real time updates.

Q. What is the City going to do about traffic using neighborhood streets through town as detours and potential speeding through town?

A. Golden will monitor traffic to see if drivers are diverting around construction through neighborhoods. Speed limits will be enforced. If traffic becomes a significant problem, the City will look at options to discourage those unwanted detours.

Q. Will there be more dirt brought into the area next to Beverly Heights Park?

A. No. All of the dirt from the project will be taken out of Golden.

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