Project Scope

Based on the input received during four public meetings and analysis of traffic flow and pedestrian safety, Golden plans to create a grade-separated, unsignalized interchange at US 6 and 19th Street.

View to the South on US 6 looking at bridge
  • US6 will be lowered approximately 22 feet on its current alignment, under 19th Street, allowing 19th street to remain at its existing grade. Ramps will be constructed to allow traffic to access 19th Street from US 6.
  • US 6 will have two travel lanes in each direction plus a raised, landscaped median both north and south of the intersection.
  • The extended lid will have retaining walls that can accommodate a third travel lane in both directions. These lanes will only be constructed if necessary in the future and specific traffic volumes would have to be met first.
View to the east, west of US 6 over proposed deck park
  • An extended lid (bridge structure) will be constructed over US 6 that will separate pedestrian and bicycle traffic from vehicle traffic on US 6. New at-grade crossings will be on the north side of 19th Street where ramp volume is lower, improving safety at the intersection for pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles.
Diagram of the Interchange with extended lid park
  • The extended lid will also include landscaping, trails and park amenities like picnic benches. These features will help connect the neighborhoods west of US 6 with the rest of the city east of US 6. The 6th Avenue Trail, which runs parallel to and north of US 6, will be realigned both vertically and horizontally to integrate with the proposed grade separation.
View to the east at 19th St. and Elm showing proposed roundabout
  • The existing pedestrian crossing east of Elm Street on 19th will be modified, but will remain in essentially the same location.
  • 19th Street will be reconfigured to provide unimpeded travel for westbound traffic to the southbound US 6 lanes.  The intersection will be controlled with a stop sign rather than a traffic signal.  East of US 6, a roundabout will be added at Elm Street to improve access from Elm Street to 19th Street and to allow a u-turn for eastbound motorists that want to turn onto northbound US 6.
COG Mesa

 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
a gold prospector who arrived in Jefferson County in 1858.

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