Homeless Navigator FAQs

What does a Homeless Navigator do?

The primary role of a Homeless Navigator is to assist those experiencing a housing crisis by helping them navigate into stable housing and obtain the services and resources needed to obtain and maintain that housing. The Homeless Navigator is not an emergency, on-call position. The Navigator meets directly with persons experiencing homelessness to identify solutions to complex health and housing challenges that work best for them, and to support those seeking a pathway out of homelessness.

When would I contact the Homeless Navigator?

If you or someone you know is at-risk or already experiencing homelessness and are looking for resources and wanting to work towards stable housing.

How can I reach the Homeless Navigator with concerns about camps or someone I observe in need of services?

The Homeless Navigator can most easily be reached by email at BHorton@cityofgolden.net or by phone at 303-621-5744.

Do you have a resource list that I can provide to individuals who asking for money on public streets?

No, it is not considered effective to hand out resource lists. There are multiple safety aspects to consider before interacting with an individual on a public street or right-of-way. You can contact the Homeless Navigator and they could reach out to that individual and provide them with the appropriate resources.

I have been seeing some individuals asking for money or food on street corners. Is it better to give food or gift cards rather than cash?

No, it is not advised to provide cash or gifts of food to individuals. Instead, consider giving to local non-profits or agencies that serve families and individuals experiencing homelessness. You can find a list of organizations on our  that accepts donations.

I have encountered an individual who is experiencing homelessness and asking for resources. Can I call the Homeless Navigator in that moment to come and meet with the client?

No, please provide the individual with the contact information of the Homeless Navigator and encourage them to reach out. You can also send an email to the Homeless Navigator informing them of the situation.

I have been seeing tents pop up in a certain area. Would the Homeless Navigator be able to help remove the camps?

No, the Homeless Navigator does not assist with moving camps or asking individuals to leave a space. Please contact non-emergency at (303) 980-7300 for further assistance.

We are experiencing inclement weather and I have seen an individual who is outside and not prepared for the weather. Is there shelter they could go to?

Yes. During inclement weather, the Severe Weather Shelter Network (SWSN) is activated. Individuals must be registered with the SWSN and can obtain a voucher at a SWSN site. Please visit swshelternetwork.com/homeless for more information. If it is an emergency, call the non-emergency number  (303) 980-7300 and let Dispatch know the location of those individuals.

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