Snow Removal

The City of Golden has launched a new tool that allows our community to track where snowplows have been and where they are working (with a 10 to 15 minute delay) during a snow event.

The City of Golden is a foothills community that typically requires snow and ice control of all city streets during a storm event. The City of Golden is responsible for keeping streets and sidewalks adjacent to city property clear, while homeowners, property managers and business owners are required to clear walkways adjacent to private property.

Winter 2021-2022 Snow Stats

During the 2021- 2022 winter season, approximately 72.8” of measurable snowfall, from 16 storms fell on Golden streets. Over 17,030 miles were maintained this past winter season. The City used 528 tons of salt and ice-slicer mix, or an average of 65 pounds per lane mile.

Take a virtual ride with a Golden snow plow driver during a snow storm.


  • There are over 241 lane miles of streets within Golden that are maintained by the City of Golden Streets Department.
  • When snow is forecasted for Golden, the Streets team is on call to take action. They coordinate with the city’s Fire Department, Police Department, and Parks Department.
  • Streets are plowed on a priority basis; primary, secondary, then residential. Snow and ice control services are provided for community safety first, then for convenience.
  • The City of Golden does NOT perform snow or ice removal in alleyways unless there is an emergency safety hazard.
  • The City has a “Black Pavement Policy,” which means that the Streets Department strives to reach bare pavement as quickly as possible. This policy does three things:
    • Improves overall driving conditions as quickly as possible.
    • Eliminates the need for additional plowing and sanding by placing the snow in the gutter section of the street where the melting process should begin.
    • Extends the life of the pavement by reducing the amount of freeze/thaw exposure.
  • Read more about the City of Golden Snow and Ice Removal Plans for Streets.
  • Read more about the Parks Department Snow and Ice Removal Plan.
  • Find out if you live in a primary, secondary, or residential street with our Snow Removal Priority Maps.


  • Per city ordinance, it is the City of Golden Park Division’s responsibility to remove snow that accumulates greater than 1 inch within 24 hours of a snowstorm from all public walkways. These walkways include the following:
    • Sidewalks that border city-owned property
    • Sidewalks along city-maintained bridges
    • Sidewalks and entryways to all public city facilities
    • Established concrete regional trails
    • Park interior walkways
  • Homeowners, property managers, and business owners are responsible for removing snow on walkways adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a snow storm.
  • If you’re shoveling snow, please do not shovel your snow into the public right-of-way. Instead, aim for areas where foot and vehicle traffic won’t be hindered.
  • Not everyone is physically capable of removing snow and ice. Check with your neighbor and see if they need help clearing their walks and driveways.
  • If you notice a sidewalk that has not been cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of a storm, please contact the City of Golden Code Enforcement department at 303-384-8048.

City Operations

  • Major snow events can affect trash removal services. If you are a City of Golden “Pay as You Throw” program customer, you can stay informed about delays that may affect your trash, recycling, and organics services by signing up to receive email reminders about one day delays for holiday weeks and severe weather notifications. If you don’t receive an email, it means that trash removal services are on schedule. Please contact the city’s waste hauler, Republic Services, at (303) 277-8727 or by email at for any questions about missed trash pick-ups.
  • If you need to do business with the City of Golden during or after a snowstorm, you can check the city website and social media channels for information about closed administrative offices or modified hours at city facilities.
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