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AquaHawk Water Monitoring

Access your Water Usage Information online & subscribe to receive Leak Alerts

AquaHawk Alerting is a FREE service for City of Golden customers that will assist them in efficiently managing their water usage and lowering their monthly bills. This new software system is available as part of the recent city-wide meter upgrade. As soon as your new meter is installed and registered within the system, this service will be available. If you have had a new meter installed within the last few months, register today — it’s easy!

Receive timely leak alerts

You specify how you want to be contacted: e-mail, text or telephone. When your usage indicates high usage or a leak, we’ll contact you. AquaHawk helps prevent costly property damage from unrepaired leaks and gives you peace of mind when you’re away from your home.

Monitor your water usage

See how much water you’re using and an estimate of your bill anytime during the billing cycle. Compare temperature and rainfall data against your usage.

Set your Threshold Alerts

Threshold alerts allow you to specify an amount of water (gallons) that you don’t want your bill to exceed. If your usage is trending to, or has exceeded the threshold value, AquaHawk will send you a notification.

Learn ways to save

Get a better understanding of how you’re using water by  performing useful comparisons online. See how you compare to similar households.  Learn effective ways to reduce water usage and save money!

AquaHawk Alerting System
AquaHawk Registration

When registering, make sure and enter your water account number in this format:  00-000000-000.

How much water am I using?
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