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Golden Community Garden

A garden's bountyThe goal of the Community Garden is to enable members of Golden’s community to work together to organically grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers for our families and our community. The garden is also a green space where all Golden residents and visitors can enjoy nature’s beauty and engage in meaningful conversation. With over 83 plots for rent each year, a fruit orchard and water-efficient drip irrigation system (bonus: it uses non-potable water), the Golden Community Garden is a hub of sustainability education and resources.

Check out how this beautiful green space gives back to the community in the 2022 Community Garden Annual Report (also available as an accessible document.)

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Mitchell Elementary School Garden

Mitchell Elementary GardenPlanting a gardenThe Mitchell Elementary Community Garden is a parent run, voluntary garden founded in 2011 through grants and fundraisers. The City of Golden Community Sustainability Advisory Board provided a $3,000 grant. The Garden is situated at the south end of the upper playground, past the black top and is fenced with 10 fully irrigated, raised beds utilizing an organic approach, and a storage shed. The fundamental goals of the Garden are to encourage a passion for the science and art of gardening, promote nutrition, and facilitate our children’s understanding of the environment and how their food is produced. This is accomplished through numerous activities and contests that revolve around kindergarten through 5th grade curriculum goals. For more information, please visit

Shelton Elementary School

The Shelton Elementary School garden was developed in partnership with Denver Urban Gardens (DUG). On April 22, 2017, approximately 50 volunteers, including many children ages 2-12, community members, parents, staff, and community volunteers worked tirelessly to create the 29 plot garden. Today the garden is teeming with fresh produce, herbs and pollinators. In addition to increasing access to fresh produce for students, the garden provides a hands-on way for students to learn about the science of gardening

Funding for the garden was generously contributed by Target, Mad Greens, Whole Foods bag donation program, the City of Golden, Golden Schools Foundation, Whole Kids Foundation, and a fall bulb fundraiser. For more information about Shelton Elementary visit

Three students work the soil in the Shelton Elementary Garden.

East Street Community Garden

(Behind Natural Grocers)

Multiple garden plots are lined up next to a building in the East Street Community Garden

The goal of this garden it to allow gardeners to grow their own organic produce and flowers. A butterfly garden has been created to help promote pollination and to give something unique and beautiful back to the community. This butterfly garden has been sponsored by local businesses. The public is encouraged to come visit the garden and see what new butterflies have been attracted. What makes up the garden: 17 plots for rent each year, 7 raised beds, 13 with lattices, 3 rotating compost stations, community spirit, and love for growing your own organic garden.

The garden has amazing learning opportunities thru Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) from bringing in a master composter, bee hive building clinics, special plant sales, and many more.

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COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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