Green Building


Our goal is to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of new and existing buildings in Golden. Specifically, we aim to:

  • Ensure that within ten years, 90% of all new buildings constructed in Golden each year are built to green building standards.
  • Ensure that within ten years 50% of all remodels in Golden each year are built to green building standards.
  • Revise Golden’s land use code to reflect the best practices in sustainability once every five years. How is Golden achieving these goals?

Getting Started

Want to save energy and money at home? Wish your house was warmer and more comfortable?

We can help.

The best place to start is usually with a home energy assessment. An energy expert will assess your home, identify any issues, and recommend improvements. Learn more about getting a home energy assessment from Xcel Energy.

If you’re not sure where to begin, contact your Sustainability Office. You can reach us at

Home Energy 101

Want some tips on easy ways to save energy at home? Check out these helpful pointers.

Paying for Energy Upgrades

Green BuildingSome local utilities offer rebates for energy improvements and renewable energy systems. Check out Xcel Energy’s rebate program.

The federal government also offers tax credits for homeowners who make energy improvements or install clean energy. View the 2015 Federal Tax Credits for Homeowners.

Greening Your Home

Green Building Energy Leaks

Net Zero Report

A study in achieving Net Zero Energy for your home is now complete. See what the average Golden home consumes and why only 10% of Golden homes are ideally suited for solar in the Net Zero Report pdf download

LEED for City Buildings

In 2008, City Council passed Resolution No. 1937 pdf download, which set a baseline for municipal buildings to achieve. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver designation sets a target for all new city buildings and remodeling projects over 5,000 square feet.

Tiny Homes in Golden, Colorado

Tiny Homes in GoldenWhat is a Tiny Home?  A Tiny Home is a descriptive term, rather than an official class of construction. Whether it is a home on wheels or simply a small house, Tiny Homes in Golden are regulated depending on their use and the amenities they provide.  Most often, we hear of mobile Tiny Homes, those built on a trailer deck with wheels that fall under the RV classification.

What do I need to live in a Tiny Home in Golden?

1. A residentially zoned lot (R1, R2, R3, or PUD)
2. A foundation, permanently attached to the ground and protected to a 36” frost depth.
3. A minimum 70 square feet; 7’ minimum in any horizontal dimension of a room and a minimum 6’8” ceiling.
4. Includes independent living quarters that provide sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation amenities.
5. A toilet and either a shower or tub, connected to City of Golden water and sewer service.
6. Water & sewer tap fees
7. A roof structure meeting wind and snow load requirements of 116 mph at 3 second gusts and exposure C.
8. A City of Golden building permit

To learn more, view Golden’s Tiny Home Information Flyer pdf download.

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 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
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