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Celebrate America Recycles Day Nov. 15

November 15 is America Recycles Day! America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. Fun fact: Last month Golden recycled 168,700 lbs of materials, saving 1,642 trees and keeping 20 truckloads of trash out of the landfill. Learn how to get involved with America Recycles Day and take the #BeRecycled pledge by visiting americarecyclesday.org. America Recycles Day supports Golden’s sustainability initiative through diverting waste and increasing recycling, along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water and adopting renewable energy sources.

America Recycles Day Resources

Let’s be honest, recycling can get confusing pretty quickly. Here are “recycling decoders” These templates (magnets , bookmarks, flyers) are designed to help make it easy to get stuff recycled right.

Nothing can be more daunting to would-be recyclers than trying to figure out what can be recycled, when, where and how. Fortunately, figuring out when, where and how to recycle in your community couldn’t be easier. Check the America Recycles Day recycling locator to get started.

A Firsthand Look at the Where Our Green Waste Goes

Compost facility

Recently, Golden residents were given the opportunity to tour Alpine Waste and Recycling’s Class II Compost Facility in Bennett, CO. As the hauler of the City of Golden’s compost, Alpine processes up to 250 tons of compost a month. This experience provided a firsthand glimpse into the path our food and yard our waste takes once it leaves our homes and businesses.

The process begins with Alpine’s compost route trucks collecting food and yard waste. After a transfer in Denver, the material arrives at the main hot commercial compost site in Bennett. The compost is then placed in mixing machines, which make sure there is a right combination of nitrogen (green materials) and carbon (brown materials) to create the compost. The compost is then placed in approximately a dozen, 400-foot -long “windrows” where it is turned and generates internal heat until it reaches a minimum of 131 degrees. The process takes about ten weeks.

After rigorous testing, the final product of enriched compost is sold to buyers in the landscaping and agricultural industries. King Soopers is one of Alpine’s largest suppliers of compostable material and buyers of finished compost. King Soopers brings their composting effort full circle by sending spoiled produce to Alpine’s compost facility and then purchasing back the finished product and selling it as potting soil in their stores. This summer, look for Kroger brand bagged compost with the “Colorado proud” logo.

Start Composting this Holiday Season

Americans waste on average 5 million more pounds of food between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, making this the perfect time to sign up for Golden’s curbside Organic Compost Service. This bi-weekly, year round service is directly billed to you for $9.45/month. Anyone can participate – sign up for yourself, split the costs with a neighbor, or ask your complex to sign up for a compost dumpster. Upon subscribing, you will receive a 96-gallon cart to start your collection. Contact Alpine at (303) 277-TRASH (8727) or email golden@alpinewaste.com. For a complete list of compostable items, visit https://alpinewaste.com/organics-recycling/

Your input is needed to help shape what defines Sustainability in Golden

In the ten years since the City of Golden launched its Sustainability Program, we have made a lot of progress towards our goals. It’s time to renew our community’s commitment to sustainability, and we want your input!

Please take a few minutes to complete our survey at GuidingGolden.com. Your answers will be used to craft new goals and projects.

We value your input. For more information, email goldensustainability@cityofgolden.net or call (303) 384-8117.

Sustainability Open House
With over 150 attendees, an effective and engaging Community Conversation event was held on September 17th. Thank you to those who attended and provided comments and feedback on our goals. Your participation allowed the Community Sustainability Advisory Board to capture valuable input and ideas about the future of sustainability in Golden. For a recap of the event, download the Sustainability Conversation Slideshow.

Stay Warm with Heating Rebates

Bundle up with up to $1,900 in rebates that help keep your home warm this winter. Xcel Energy is offering rebates on high-efficiency furnaces, insulation upgrades, and water heaters. The same things that keep you warm and comfortable this winter can keep cash in your pockets for winters to come. To learn more and find a participating contractor, visit www.xcelenergy.com/staywarm.

New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installed

Astor House EV Chargepoint StationTwo new Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations have been installed in Golden. The first was installed near the Astor House on 12th St. in March of 2018. The second was installed in June at the City of Golden Annex Building near the corner of 10th and Cheyenne.

A few tidbits about the new chargers:

  • The City received a grant for the station that covers 80% of the costs to purchase and install the station (6 stations total).
  • Charging is free for the first three years as part of the grant and these spaces are open to the public.
  • Golden’s network of charging stations are among the most often used of all stations installed in the metro area through this grant.
  • What’s the deal for a new EV? Current offerings: $3,000 rebate from Xcel Energy (if purchased before June 30, 2018), Federal tax credit of $7,500, and Colorado tax credit of $5,000. Your net cost is about $8k for a Mitsubishi all the way up to $70k for a Tesla Model X.

To find all of the EV charging stations available in Golden, visit Chargepoint.com.

New Water Stations Installed

As part of a Sustainability Initiative to reduce single use disposable water bottles, three new bottle-filler water stations were installed downtown this week: Parfet Park; the corner of 13th St. and Washington Avenue, on the Icelantic corner, and the south side of the Billy Drew foot bridge, near the Clear Creek History Park. The freestanding fountains are also expected to reduce waste at large events and include a fountain, bottle filler and dog dish. A big thanks to the Utilities Department for assisting the Sustainability program.

Downtown water stations
COG Mesa

 Did You Know?
Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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