Light Rail

West Rail Line

The West Rail Line between Golden and Denver Union Station passes through 3 fare zones, so the price for a single, one way ticket between Golden and Denver is currently $4.00. One way bus fares, including the Community Call-n-Ride bus, is $2.25. For those who ride transit more regularly there are a number of different passes available to reduce the cost, such as monthly passes and ticket books; the options are listed on the RTD website.

Transfers are also available and help reduce the overall cost of a trip. For example, for those taking the train from downtown Denver to the Golden station, the purchase of a $4.00 ticket will include a transfer that allows them to continue their journey on the Community Call-n-Ride bus in Golden at no added cost.

Similarly, for those taking the Community Call-n-Ride bus in Golden to the Golden station for travel to downtown Denver, riders can purchase a ticket for $4.00 on the bus and use that transfer to continue their journey aboard the train at no extra cost. Automated ticket kiosks are also be available adjacent to the station platform.

Garage and Bike Parking

A new parking garage has been constructed adjacent to the Golden end-of-line station that holds 835 vehicles. A total of 700 of these garage spaces have been designated for West Rail Line passengers. There are pedestrian linkages from the station to Jefferson County campus sidewalks and the Highway 6 and C 470 shared use paths. Bike parking consists of racks adjacent to the platform, as well as covered racks just inside the parking garage. More secure bike parking is provided by 12 bike lockers located just outside the parking garage.

Safety Reminders

The best solution to avoid light rail accidents is education and prevention. In Golden, there is the large station at the Jefferson County campus at 6th Avenue and Johnson Road. When you first visit the station, check the markings on the platform, noting where it is safe to stand. Adults should hold the hands of small children at all times. Don’t ever run for a train — another one will come along shortly. Allow other passengers to exit the train before trying to board, and always use the handrails when boarding. Light rail trains are quiet, so look for the flashing headlights and listen for warning bells and horns. Stay alert and never walk on the tracks or in front of a moving train. In Golden, the Light Rail crosses at 6th Avenue and Johnson Road and Ulysses Street. A common light rail accident includes cars turning left or right and crossing illegally in front of trains or on red lights. Notice the stopping areas at the intersections; they look different than at other intersections in the city. Never stop on the tracks, never try to beat a train through an intersection and be patient. The trains are fast and the intersection will open up quickly.

COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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