Guiding GoldenAfter residents expressed concerns regarding the results of some of the new development projects in their neighborhood, the Golden City Council enacted a temporary moratorium on new multi-household developments in order to give staff the opportunity to revise the existing zoning code to align better with the character of the neighborhood. Since then, City planners, the Planning Commission, and City Council worked hard to address and update the code, with significant help from the public who provided great feedback and ideas.

As a result, the moratorium on new multi-household development officially expired and many changes are now in place. Phase 1 was approved by Council in May, and these changes include new bulk plane regulations for additions or new structures. In July, Phase 2 changes to the R-2 and R-3 zone districts were adopted by Council.

Phase 2 changes include the following:

  • Allowable encroachments into the new bulk plane standards for normal rooftop features like eaves and mechanical equipment for the home
  • Restrictions on Minor Subdivisions to prevent the manipulation of lot lines to increase developable area on a property
  • Special Use Permits for residential structures in commercial zone districts must now follow R-3 residential zoning requirements

Restrictions on rooftop decks were discussed but not adopted into code, though it is possible an amended version will be brought forward at a later date.

Planning Commission also recommends a number of other code changes for City Council discussion at their study session on Sept. 19, pertaining to the following:

  • Incentives for preservation of existing structures
  • Regulations to allow dormers within the new bulk plane standards
  • Revisions to the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations
  • Updates to the definition of “household” in Golden

For a complete look at the entire process, all documents pertaining to these changes, and timelines, visit under Guiding Development.