Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex

4471 Salvia

Tony Grampsas Park

Located at the east side of North Table Mountain, this site was added to the City’s parks in 1999.

Tony Grampsas Ball FieldCoors Brewing Company originally developed the complex, and in 2000 the 63-acre park was dedicated to Tony Grampsas, a former Coors employee and a friend of Parks and Recreation in the state legislature.

Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex offers a full array of unique amenities, including one of the two off-leash dog parks in Golden, the new Golden Bike Park, and even an archery range.

Amenities Available:

  • Off leash dog parkBasketball gymnasium
  • (2) lighted ballfields
  • (1) reserveable ballfield and group shelter
  • Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)
  • Water Fountains
  • Soft surface walking trail that cuts through unique Osage orange trees and mature cottonwoods
  • Off-leash dog park
  • Archery range affiliated with the local archery club
  • Golden Bike Park 

Visit our Facilities & Use Rentals page for information on renting the fields or gymnasium.

Note: The pavilion areas have limited electricity available.

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