Rooney Road Sports Complex

Parfet Park101 Rooney Rd.

Offering five synthetic turf fields, Rooney Road Sports Complex was completed in 2007 over the recapped Rooney Road Landfill. Rooney Road offers much needed field space to serve youth in Golden and the Jefferson County area. At any time the fields are not in use, they are available to the general public as an open park.

Park Amenities Available

Rooney Road Soccer
  • Shelters
  • 120×80 yd. Soccer Field
  • 120×75 yd. Soccer and Football Field
  • 110×65 yd. Soccer and Men’s Lacrosse Field
  • 110×65 yd. Soccer and Women’s Lacrosse Field
  • 110×65 yd. Soccer Field

In response to the concerns shared through the NBC report “How Safe is the Artificial Turf your Child Plays on?” the City of Golden commissioned an airborne exposure study of the soccer fields at the Rooney Road Sports Complex to determine if there was any factual basis to these critically important concerns. The August 2015 study concluded that no alternative turf infill options needed to be explored, as the chemical concentrations were far below detection limits. Please download the report below for further details.

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 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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