Itty Bitty Art Project

Look up and the mountains certainly demand attention in scenic Golden, but thanks to ten local artists working with the Golden Public Art Commission (PAC), those who look down will now also be rewarded by an outdoor art show of miniature paintings and sculptures in places you would least expect to find them.

Fourteen tiny art installations are now scattered throughout downtown Golden in places like water drains, tree stumps, cracks in concrete and on bridges. You might see a dinosaur bending around a pillar or a small train traveling along a crack.  What is that living in the cement? It might be an extraterrestrial or a lizard or even butterflies!

The whimsical Itty Bitty Art offers the perfect solution to a temporary pause on public art acquisitions currently underway while the Golden Public Art Commission refines its vision and updates policies.

Look for all fourteen installations in different locations along Washington Ave. and along the Clear Creek Trail. You may wish to wander and discover them all on your own, or use the map below to guide you to each piece.

It Takes a Village

Artist: Judy Gardner

Location: Tree stump across from Visitors Center patio

It Takes a Village by Judy Gardner

Scaling the Bricks

Artist: Daniel Morrison

Location: Clear Creek Amphitheater bricks (behind Police Department, lower level)

"Scaling the Bricks" by Daniel Morrison

“Murgy” (the Lizard)

Artist: Will Betke-Brunswick

Location: Corner retaining wall vertical crack behind City Hall (at ramp by Clear Creek)

"Murgy (the Lizard)" by William Betke-Brunswick

Portal Through the Depths

Artist: Haley Knowles

Location: Concrete crack behind Golden Library (by Clear Creek trail)

"Portal Through the Depths" by Haley Knowles

Making Tracks

Artist: Daniel Morrison

Location: Concrete cracks behind Golden Library (by Clear Creek trail)

"Making Tracks" by Daniel Morrison


Artists: Michelle and Seth Wolins

Location: Sign post base bolts behind Golden Library (by Clear Creek Trail)

"Connections" by Michelle and Seth Wolins

Take Flight

Artist: Anne Fitzgerald

Location: Diagonal bridge posts over Clear Creek (west side)

"Take Flight" by Anne Fitzgerald

Cowboy Compy

Artist: Christina Morrison

Location: Rounded wall on SE corner of Washington Ave. and 11th St.

Cowboy Compy by Christina Morrison

Stay Golden Pony Boy

Artist: Emily Dwan

Location: Under the Welcome to Golden Arch (1113 Washington Ave.)

Stay Golden Pony Boy by Emily Dwan

The Golden Herd

Artist: Judith Cassel-Mamet

Location: NELI Building wall (1101 Washington Ave.)

"The Golden Herd" by Judith Cassel Mamet

A Little Bit of Magic

Artist: Ippy Farnam

Location: NELI Building pocket park (1101 Washington Ave.)

"A Little Bit of Magic" by Ippy Farnam

Rocky Mountain Spring

Artist: Michelle Wolins

Location: Pipe at 1111 Washington Ave.

"Rocky Mountain Spring" by Michelle Wolins

A Flutter of Fantasy

Artist: Michelle Wolins

Location: Sign base at 1111 Washington Ave.

"A Flutter of Fantasy" by Michelle Wolins

Refueling Encounters

Artist: Daniel Morrison

Location: Buffalo Rose (1119 Washington Ave.)

"Refueling Encounters" by Daniel Morrison
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