Home ignition zone is the area immediately adjacent to your house.Each year on the first Saturday of May, Wildfire Community Preparedness Day provides a nationwide opportunity for people and organizations to come together, raise awareness, and take action to reduce wildfire risk. With the memory of the tragic Marshall fire still so fresh and our city and county currently under Stage 1 fire restrictions, that message has never felt more important.

This year focuses on what people can do in and around their home to protect against the threat of wildfires. Understand the vulnerabilities in your “Home Ignition Zone” (or HIZ–the area immediately adjacent to your house–see graphic to the right), and take steps to remove those fire dangers. Whether it’s replacing wood chips with gravel, clearing leaves and debris from gutters, or rethinking your entire landscaping design, every step taken matters. Watch this informative video to learn more about how homes burn in a wildfire.

The City of Golden Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) was recently updated to address the threat of wildfire to the City of Golden based on lessons learned and technology developments achieved since the original plan. Take a moment to look through the updated CWPP, which identifies fire risks facing the community, both generally and by neighborhood, and outlines actions to mitigate those risks and prepare for community evacuation in the event of a wildfire.

And if you haven’t already, sign up for the new LookoutAlert emergency notification system. If you were already part of the CodeRed alert system, your information should have moved over, but we encourage everyone to sign in to the new LookoutAlert system, ensure your information is correct, and opt in for how you wish to receive alerts. Watch the May 2 Mondays with Mayor Weinberg to learn more about the new system from Fire Chief Jerry Stricker.