Sales & Use Tax License

Tax DocumentsAll businesses operating in the City of Golden must obtain a Sales & Use Tax License. This includes professional services, charitable operations, home businesses, temporary vendors and door-to-door solicitors.


  • Even businesses that do not “sell” anything must obtain a City license.
  • A separate license is needed for each location in Golden.
  • Licenses are nontransferable.
  • The license fee is $20 and covers a two year period ending on December 31 of each even numbered calendar year.
  • Charitable organizations must license but are exempt from the license fee.
  • Temporary vendors and special events must pay a $50 deposit for their license. The $50 is refunded when they turn in their sales and use tax return for the event.
  • The licensing process insures that the City has current notification information and that the area is properly zoned for that business activity.
  • Door-to-door solicitors are encouraged to have a copy of their license with them.
  • Any person who purchases or establishes a business inside the city shall file an initial use tax return.

License Applications

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